Friday, February 25, 2011


Rice cereal is never a clean meal for us.....its quite the mess!

Ann Maas (Typed while holding a baby. )

Two new dresses

I put these together from two old the blue one i'm not so shuts about the red one.  8 more shirts of jeff's to cut up...and two easter dresses to finish.

Ann Maas (Typed while holding a baby. )

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well nothing can dampen a week than a shoulder injury. Somehow last week I pulled my rotators cuff. Its pretty sore. I can only lift my R arm up to shoulder level and then anything after that is quite painful. I think I'll skip out on my volleyball game tonight and keep it rested, the doctor said it will take a few weeks to heal...:(  But I can play to my comfort level.

I am starting a weight loss study at Purdue, they are finishing all the preliminary measurements and studies this week and I'll start next Thursday. Over 12 weeks the weight loss can be anywhere from 5-12 Kg.... I am hoping for the 12. :) The tough part will be keeping to a strict diet.

I spent a wonderful day yesterday sewing with a friend while the kids played, I am 90 % done with a new dress for Ehre, (Made from one of Jeff's old shirts) I just need to finish the hem. This is quite the feat since I had to take Ben to school, pick him up, take Ehre to school and take care of Elise too. :)

So, now I think you are all updated on my family, things really are going well.
Love you!


Well we'll just keep up with the updates here and move on to Jeff...

Jeff has instigated Tuesday Topic Nights, and Thursday Science Nights. The kids LOVE them! Last Tuesday Jeff took out the black board and drew a kitchen sink. He talked to the kids about where water comes from, the basics of water pressure and how it comes out of the kitchen sink. He even showed them the water heater... the thought that it was soo cool.  Tonight he has a science project planned with vinegar though I don't know what it is.

Jeff is still ever so busy with school. He spends all day running around working on projects for other people, I worry that he isn't getting enough time on his own research, but one way or another it will all work out. His professor announced that he is taking a 4 year sabbatical starting in July....this will mean new and interesting changes namely two of the current PhD students will be graduating early, and then be running the lab as research professionals for the department. (hmmmm again new and interesting changes). It will be interesting to see how this works out.

Jeff is still in scouts serving as the Bear Leader. Last night was the Blue and Gold Banquet and we all went to support Jeff (and get out of making dinner, though we did bring a large side dish). I forgot how funny it is to watch 14 eight year olds perform a skit, even funnier when they forget the punch line. It was also fun to hear the various cheers after awards. He just finished his 3 months of lesson teaching so now he just has to attend and help keep things under control.

Jeff will be presenting a poster at a conference in March, so I am going to take Elise and fly down to Orlando with him. We are super excited to have my dad coming out to hang out with the two older kids. (They are sooo excited!)  He will also present another poster in Boston in June.

Jeff is absolutely amazing, I don't know how he gets so much done. Though I am aware of how hard he works because he is so tired by 9 pm!
I love you!


Ehre did get a check up but I can't remember all the specifics it went something like this.

Wow your tall, and you have such beautiful long hair.
You are perfect in your weight and height. (She is also of "Robinson" build, not tush to keep her pants up.)
She loves to read, and it was so much FUN to have her spontaneously read me a story the other day.
She also has started writing me notes, the other day she sneaked into my room and made my bed leaving a note that said. " We love you Mommy, Love Ehre and Ben) ooooh my heart melted, she was so thoughtful.

Her vision at the Dr's was 40/20 so they recommended that we have it checked..but the optometrist only got 30/20 which is fine. So no glasses, though she really wanted them.

I had parent teacher conferences last week, and she is really doing well. Her teacher said that she has a stubborn streak, and sometimes when she is asked to stop a project and move on (aka coloring a picture) she ignores the request until the picture is done... poor kid has my genetics. So we'll both work on that together.

Her piano lessons are going well, we are planning her first piano recital to be in Utah during our May visit, all are invited to attend. :) She still request violin lessons, but currently none of our friends are taking students and the other teachers cost well over an arm or leg.

She is a great helper, she does breakfast dishes (at her own pace...hmmmm I think she's related to her Aunt C. on that one) and always helps Jeff with Dinner dishes. She also is great about gathering up all the trash on Mondays and bringing in the garbage cans from the street.

She is  my wonderful helper, which if you ask her "What is a daughter?" She will reply "A mothers helper." and its true, she really helps out a lot.!

Love you,


Benjamin didn't get a 2 year old check up this year, due to our inadequite and stupid at times Insurance. (Looong story) but here is his mother's check up.

Ben is tall but not too tall
He eats food really well especially dessert.
He loves to color and hang out with mom.
He is doing well working through his preschool books, and today we taked about "sequences" and "Nearer/ Farther". He's learning fast.
He loves to sing (at the top of his voice)  "If I listen with my Heart" with Ehre (Tifani you should be so proud!!!)
He is at a good weight, and is a typical "Robinson" build...skinny.

Ben we love you!


Elise 4 month old check up

She is 75% in height, 25% in Head circumference, and 40% in weight. She currently weights 13.2 lbs she's dropped some weight in the past week but thats due to a  cold. Other than that she's doing great with bottle feeding, loves to chat, eats rice cereal pretty well each day, and only gets up min 1 time early each morning (4 am) for a feeding.  ha ha ah Dr. commented that since Ehre wakes me up to tell me that Elise is awake and crying, we should see if she can do the feeding.... :) Well, no but its a good idea.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ann Maas (Typed while holding a baby. )

Girl scouts: world information day

Ehre loves girl scouts!!!!

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Ann Maas (Typed while holding a baby. )


Ann Maas (Typed while holding a baby. )

GS 1

Ann Maas (Typed while holding a baby. )

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where are these blogs going?

I am asking a favor to all those that read my blog.... can you do me a favor. Will you please comment, leave your first name last initial and city, state that you are living in.  Ehre and I were talking about all of our friends who live everywhere but here, and I'd like to point out to her where everyone is...but honestly I don't quite remember where everyone is at! ... or who all for that fact follows our blog! :)


Ham and egg yummmmy!

Spray muffin pan
Line with two thin slices of ham.
In bowl mix: a few eggs, some onions, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup grated cheese..salt and pepper.
Fill ham lined cups FULL of egg mixture.
Bake 350 for 15 minutes

Serve hot with baking powder biscuits.

This is not my orrigional idea I found it on the web this week....but can't find the link.  The origional poster said she makes these ahead and pops two in the microwave in the morning for a quick breakfast. Store the rest in the fridge.  :)  

Tell me if you try them and like them...we sure did!

Ann Maas (Typed while holding a baby. )

Van catches fire at WalMart....

I didn't think to capture this till after they had controlled the flames....engine fire that spread to the cab.  Can you imagine what it would be like to hear over the WalMart intercom....." will the owner of the white van please come to customer service...your car is on fire."  4 fire crews...4 police cars and lots or us who were blocked in.

Ann Maas (Typed while holding a baby. )