Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No more monkeys jumping on the bed...Ehre that means you!

Well she didn't listen, and as a result face planted into the wood portion of Ben's bottom bunk. I was at volleyball so Jeff had to deal with it (poor guy, hates blood). Ehre didn't let me look at it much, can't blame her. She had a good fat bottom lip and above her two front teeth there was a huge bruise and two cuts. I took her to the dentist today, she was sooo patient. 3 exrays later, we had a referal to a pediatric dentist. The x-rays look fine, but the dentist is conserned that she may have damaged the nerve. The dentist says she may loose both teeth, but we have to wait a week to find out. In her opinion this was one of the worst bruises on the gum line she has seen in a while. ( She's seen injuries like this that turn out fine and some that turn black.)
So who knows how this will end up, Ehre did let me brush her teeth tonight, it only made it bleed again, but I want to keep the area clean... oh the joys. So tomorrow we are going to the pediatric dentist, wish Ehre luck, despite her lack of initial disobedience, she has been a real trooper!