Thursday, January 7, 2010

Graduation Photos

Here are a few favorites from my friend Kim. She really did a great job!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My wonderful kids...

A friend in her New Year Resolutions, made the goal to be "a teacher not a babysitter" with her kids. I took her goal and added it to my own New Year Resolutions. This phrase has been on my mind a lot since then. Motherhood, has its rewards and they are different from the rewards I recieved when working.  When I worked in the hospitals I constantly received thank yous, and had wonderful co workers that always recognized positively our efforts. As a mom, for a long time I felt like motherhood was under appreciated. And then I realized that my kids do thank me in so many different ways, and I love it.
Tonight Ehre said, "Mom makes the most wonderfulest meals!", and when Ben asked me to lay down with him for his nap, he told me thank you. So then I started rethinking my previous views. Motherhood isn't under appreciated, we as moms are appreciated and loved, but we have to be willing to accept the rewards and appreciation in the small and simple forms.  Motherhood really is the best job, and its the most rewarding when done right.
Working in the hospital wasn't easy, and it sure wasn't always pleasant, but I didn't complain. Motherhood for me should come with the same effort and lack of complaining. Sure there are the not so fun days, but there are also the days  like today that make me feel so special and wonderful as a mom. So I guess I owe my kids a great big hug and kiss in the morning, I really do love these two, and if they can just be patient with me I promise I'll keep on trying to be a better mom.

Fire Trucks at 11 pm

We practiced our fire safety last nigh, at 11pm. Jeff and I were laying in bed reading when our Carbon monoxide detector went off...what a surprise! We went downstairs and reset it, and then it went off again, so we called the fire department.

They kindly asked us to wake up the children and open up windows and stay where there was fresh air. Kids didn't really want to wake up, or sit in on the steps next to the cold front door, but all in all did really well.

The firetruck came, with lights flashing, and three men checked out our house. In the end, well it was a faulty detector. They aren't sure why it went off but sometimes they do, so we'll need to replace it.

When they left I felt a little better but not enough to let the kids sleep in the other room, so we had them sleep on our floor and we kept the window slightly open so that there was a "fresh and freezing cold breeze" coming into the room. :)

So to all our neighbors that were disturbed by the flashing lights, sorry! The best part of this whole experience was that we had a chance to run through our emergency drills with the kids, and we passed 100%.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 New YEar Resolutions

1. Well balanced meals
2. Help Kids join in on family chores.
3. Organize my home

1. Teach kids the 12 article of Faith songs
2. Stick to a family budget
3. More quality family time (see things to do)

1. Daily Family Scripture Study
2. Weekly Family Home Evening
3. (Ann) No talking before Sacrament meeting to friends, focus on contributing to a quiet sacrament meeting room.
4. 1st Saturday Temple Trips
5. Magnify our church callings.

1. Focus specific time each day on each child.
2. Daily personal scripture study/Journal writing
3. Patience, figure out a way to better express myself to my children.
4. “Be a teacher, not a babysitter”
5. Work out 6/7 days a week
6. Focus on the positive.

1. Nauvoo trip
2. Camping at Mammoth Caves
3. 1 camping trip/month in the summer
4. Kirtland trip