Saturday, May 31, 2008

"In West Lafayette, where a funnel cloud was seen hovering over the Country Villa Estates apartment complex off Yeager Road, the storms caused widespread power outages."

Well it was a LONG night, around 7 the sirens started, and they were on/off for an hour, but the warnings and watches continued till 11pm. We received over 3" of rain during this storm in 1 hour.

Ehre and I saw this funnel cloud, it was seen right over our friends roof! It was moving so fast, it was incredible and scary! Its just our luck to have something like this happen when Jeff is out of the town!...oh well, we are fine, may take naps today to make up for lost sleep.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"X" Dinner

Well, I don't have a name for this meal, sorry. But its really good and you can adjust it to fit your family!
X amount of Hamburger (For our family I use 1/2 Lb)
X amount of Onions (1/2 c. chopped)
X amount chopped Carrots (1 c)
X amount chopped Cellery (1/2c c)
1 Lg can of Tomato Juice
Salt and Pepper
1-2 tsp Chilli Pepper
Bring to a simmer and cover for 20 minutes, stir occasionally
2 c Rice
Cook till Rice is tender, then serve.

Yummy! Enjoy! This is a great dish as a left over or prepared ahead of time and heats up well.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

What a fun weekend, here is a list of the activities that we fit in...
Jason's Family Arrives
(Ben in Pj's waiting for family to arrive)

Indy 500 Museum ( Big race was the next day so we saw a lot of cool new things)
(Ann, Nicho and Benjamin waiting for everyone to get out of the Museum movie)

White River State Park, we took a surrey out and rode (yes all 9 of us fit on one) around the park.
(Maas' Family new vehicle)
Jeff and Jason go see the new Indiana Jones movie


Church Activities

(Nicho sleeping...soooo cute)

(Sophie, Lydia, Nicho, Marcella, and Jason Maas)

Happy Hallow Park, we took the trail walk in.

(Jason and Nicho)

Grilled Hamburgers

(Lydia Marcella's Mother, Marcella and Nicho)

Jason's family left...

(Ehre showing off her attitude)

another hair cut...

Is there a practical use for hair clippings? At the rate Jeff's hair grows I should use it to stuff pillows! Jeff and I had an agreement that he couldn't cut his hair until I trimmed mine....well that didn't work. TO many family members thought Jeff's hair was unkept and too really wasn't that bad when he fixed it! I love his curls so when I cut his hair I tried to keep some of them...the hair cut looks good even though I didn't take pics. But here is all the hair that we got rid of! (you'll see his haircut in future posts)

Newest Member of the Family

....that didn't stay long. :) The kids and I were in the back yard, cutting the grass when this big clump of dirt started moving! Holy cow it was a frog! Pretty cute little guy, we showed him to all our friends, but in the end threw him over the fence and back into the pond...we're just not a pet family!