Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to school again.......and again....and again....and again....

I went to Utah Valley State College, then the University of Utah, then back to UVSC, and then I finally finished my BA at Purdue. But now I am working on my 2nd Bachelors at Ivy Tech.... I would say that makes me quite knowledgeable about the ins and outs of several different universities...wouldn't you?!

OK, I did drop my Anatomy Physiology class for this fall but I did pay my tuition for my two online courses, English Composition and Psychology....normally I wouldn't have a problem taking these two classes....but I MUST GET AN A...and it is leaving me quite jittery and nervous!

Wish me luck, maybe one day I will be an RN...or at least I will be able to say I tried. :)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Since arriving home...

Jeff left me Sunday afternoon to return to Bloomington for his I am trying to get caught up on everything so far I have...

...unpacked LOTS of boxes and suite cases
....several loads of laundry
...made a padded cover for new high chair (really cute I'll sometime post a picture)
... successfully transitioned Elise to 2 naps a day and sleeping through the night....OK its not successful yet but so far its going well.
....paid bills
... spent time swinging Elise out side
... Spent a few hours talking with Jeff
... bought boards so that I can make drawer dividers for Ehre and Elise's dresser
....organized all the kids clothes, pulling out what was too small and seeing they had everything for the school year.
... hung our new and beautifully large photo of Christ (again a photo soon)
... swept the kitchen floor (yes at least 7 times)
... organized pantry
...registered Ehre for 1st grade, she will have Mrs Whithers.
... had 2 play dates with friends
... VT one of my ladies
...practiced the organ
... had a PT appointment and did exercises twice
...caught up on a few missed episodes of Flashpoint
... took a few naps with Ben
... cleaned the kitchen shopping

...  and its now Tuesday evening....(Volleyball Time) I "think", rather "hope" my to do list is getting smaller....oh the just the joys that come with returning from a summer long internship. :)

What are you up to? I usually don't put lists like this together, I only check off my to do list...but I like it when the Barefoot Queen makes lists, they are fun to read.

Volleyball.... first time in months!

My surgery was May 9th, and they didn't clear me for working out (elliptical or stationary bike only) till July 10th. I met with my PT (who is Amazing....not like the one I had to see while in Bloomington) and she said I definitely can go to volleyball tonight! She also said I could try a 10 minute run. She's sort of ok with aerobics too but she needs me to work hard on not letting my dominate muscles overcompensate for my surgically repaired I am supposed to be careful. Sadly thought no serving for at least a few more months. :(

Finally I can start working out again! But really the best part is that I get to go tonight...I even hired a babysitter since Jeff is still in Bloomington. She's worth it!