Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Volleyball.... first time in months!

My surgery was May 9th, and they didn't clear me for working out (elliptical or stationary bike only) till July 10th. I met with my PT (who is Amazing....not like the one I had to see while in Bloomington) and she said I definitely can go to volleyball tonight! She also said I could try a 10 minute run. She's sort of ok with aerobics too but she needs me to work hard on not letting my dominate muscles overcompensate for my surgically repaired ones....so I am supposed to be careful. Sadly thought no serving for at least a few more months. :(

Finally I can start working out again! But really the best part is that I get to go tonight...I even hired a babysitter since Jeff is still in Bloomington. She's worth it!


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Paul and Celeste said...

If you ever need a free babysitter, I can usually swing it! I have my 6-year-old niece in the evenings now, so Ehre would have a playmate, too...although, by volleyball they'd probably both be sleeping. :)