Sunday, June 6, 2010

Utah Trip

Wow this was quite the trip, we felt like we were hopping all over the place! Here's how it all worked....

May 12: Left IN
May 15: Spencer's Farewell Party with all the cousins.
May 16: Spencer's Farewell, Ehre, Christy, Spencer and I sang "I'll go where you want me to go."
May 17: Spencer and I got to go to do temple work together.
May 18: Spencer was called as a full time missionary.
May 19: We said good by to Spencer for 2 years and he entered the MTC.
May 20: Jeff sent me my first bouquet of flowers, so beautiful. Amy and I turned 27, and I picked Jeff up at the airport. I also got a stupid parking ticket...
May 21: Left at 5 am for California, arrived at Grandma and Grandpa Millet's just in time to attend their Church "Over 80" Celebration.
May 22: Had a blast hanging out at the grands house. The 3 acres were an amazing playground for the kids.
May 23: Attended church and then drove to LA. Saw the Disneyland Firework show.
May 24: Disneyland, only had to stand in a line for 1.5 hours to see 3 Disney princesses but Ehre loved it. Rode on Nemo's submarine, drove in Autotopia, raced down Matterhorn mountain and many other rides. Then at the end of the day when the kids were exhausted, we saw the Disneyland parade and then headed to the hotel to sleep.
May 25: Jeff's conference, Ehre, Ben and I had a blast at the pool and in the hospitality suite...
May 26: Same as the 25
May 27: Same as the 26, but then we went to the beach...was cold but the waves were awesome!
May 28: California Adventure land, saw the amazing Aladdin show, Playhouse Disney, Spoke with Crush the turtle, Rode a huge Feriswheel and played in Bug world.......spent 3.5 hours on the freeways of LA, only went 5 miles, apparently a gas truck literally blew up the freeway, and traffic just stood still, 5 lanes going nowhere.....after a 12 hour journey we finally made it to St. George at 4 in the morning.
May 29: Spent a wonderful morning with an Aunt and Uncle, then went hiking in Kolob Canyon.
May 30: Went to Church with the Maas', enjoyed the time with family and looked at stars in Grandpa M's telescope.
May 31: Memorial Day celebrations with the Maas', the kids loved playing in the sprinklers and eating great food.
June 1: Met with high school friends at Fudruckers, had a wonderful time catching up with all the new babies.
June 2: Went to temple square, and enjoyed showing the kids various sites with Aunt C's family.
June 3: Flew back home to UT
June 4: Dr's appointment, heard a great heartbeat and packed up for MI to attend Emily's graduation party. We even got to camp out in their backyard!
June 5: Helped put up a swing set, and watched Emily graduate from HS. Drove home to IN.
June 6: Today, we are home, and resting up from the last few busy weeks. 

I'll now include some posts of pics from the various points of our trip. Now we are headed on to swimming lessons, finalizing a home to move into, packing, Dr. visits, ultrasounds,preparing baby things, camping, BBQ's etc...

PS. Next post will most likely not be until we notify you of the gender of our 18 week old baby !