Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trip to Michigan

Well, we survived watching 5 extra kids for two days. ..... survived is the wrong word. It was a pleasure watching the kids, each one was so helpful and happy. Jeff made his famous Bales, and we added a few new flavors. Dutch-Apple, Cinnamon-Sugar, and Blueberry (my favorite). We multiplied the batch by 6 and yet all of them were still gone by lunch!
Individuals that you may not recognize in the following pictures: Peterson Clan, Alice, Brad, Emily, Laura, Katrina, Rachel, James, Hannah and Chrsity.
This is Benjamin's favorite way to drink his bottle in the morning! Go figure.
Ehre was creatively playing with her blanket in the car...up until she fell asleep.
A cute goose family!
Beautiful Barn that we found!
Little Christy and a baby alligator!
..... 10 tries, and this was the best shot of all the kids "sitting" on the bench...see ya Ben!

It appears that this building has a problem with bees!
Getting ready to find a place to have lunch, but first we want to hike around a bit.
Our picnic spot!
What a silly little boy!
We DO NOT encourage this behavior, but lately Ben loves going down the slides all by himself, head first!
Hannah and Ehre creeping closer and closer to the big goose.

Everyone had SO much fun jumping on the trap with Jeff, after school each day they would all head out and wouldn't come back in for atleast an hour.

Sometimes this is just the best place to put Benjamin, he loves the water and he holds still.
Hanna, Ehre's new favorite cousin in the Peterson family. They did everything together!

Happy Birthday to ME !

I've made this pie for Mothers Day, and then I realized that this is deffinitly what I wanted for my Birthday as well! There is no better way to celebrate 1/4 of a century old, than with a delicious Bannanna Cream Pie.


3 Packages Vanilla Pudding

2 Cups Milk

16 oz. Sour Cream

Sliced Bananna's (as many as you want)

2 Baked Pie Shells

Make filling place in cooled pie shells top heavly with whip cream! Chill for 2 hours.