Wednesday, July 9, 2008


This group of girls are SO MUCH fun, this is a monthly highlight!

Playing in the back yard

Filling up the Truck Pools Ben surfing on the wagon
Teaching Ehre that getting her head wet isn't a bad thing.

Jeff Working Hard

Its not a great picture, but here he is working in the lab near the SLA machine!

Dunking Heads

The kids love doing this whenever we get a bunch of rain and it fills up the Truck

... go figure!

Update on my Garden

Its looking good!

Jeff's Parents come for a visit.

The Water Globe...Ben loves it! The Elephant fountain
Mambo and The kids looking at the monkeys.
Happy Us!
Ehre petting Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Ehre is much smaller than a Bald Eagle
Grandpa and kids in a goffer hole.

Jeff's Parents come for a visit.

Ehre's Personal Haircut

She did this by herself, and I was quite sad when I found her....all her long curls GONE!!!...eventually they'll grow back right?

4th of July: Wisconsin

Jeff and the girls waiting for the parade to start.
Family Picture
Ehre and Sofia

Getting along...pretty well! :)

Funny Clowns...
They're getting tired allready...
Marcella and Nicho

Getting a little nap after the parade while the kids play in the pool, and Jason grills ribs and brats.

Fireworks, sorry no pics with our kids, but these two are friends of Sofia's.

Almost a whole month with out a post....SORRY!

...its just been a little busy. So here are a bunch of posts to make up for everything and keep you up to date....

This is really cool, we made a "universal remote"...just a piece of plexiglass :) Works great, and we don't loose anything!