Monday, September 29, 2008


Benjamin and me dancing to the polka like music.
The German Folk band.
St. Augustine's church, that still has a German mass every Sunday.
The crowds, apparently it gets even busier when they bring out all the beer later on in the evening!
Here we are ready to go in!
Ben playing at the kinderfest.
This is a woman's drindle. Ben wasn't a fan of leaving me just for a picture!
This gentleman is from Germany, he met his American wife in a US Bar ( go figure ) and they have lived in Germany. She is wearing a drindle, and he is wearing leiderhosen. One day we'll acquire these outfits as well, even if I have to modify the sleeves of the drindle a little bit!

This past weekend we headed up to Chicago. We met up with Jason and Sofia (We were sorry that Marcella and Nicho couldn't make it) and had a great time. Saturday morning Jeff and I were able to attend the 8 am Temple session. Then we took the train downtown to see the Oktober fest.....I was kind of disappointed for it being a German holiday, they didn't represent themselves well. Only two stands sold German like food, potato pancakes and brats. We saw 1 family in the leiderhosen and drindle...and that was it! There was a German folk band but they showed up late so we only heard about 30 seconds of their music by the time they set everything up. It was a fun adventure, and we can now check it off our "to do" list. But I don't think we'll return next year! We did hear that they have an amazing Christmas festival, so we will try and make it to that this Christmas season! Hey maybe my parents will be here for it!

Suprize Date......!

Jeff wrote in my calender 2 weeks ago, that we were to have a date together this past Thursday. There were strict instructions that it was going to be a surprise and that I was keep the evening free. He surprised me and even got a babysitter! We went to dinner at Panera Bread (ohhh we luuuuve their soup and baguettes) Then where did we go?


It was So much fun. So here are the pics, talk about a wonderful evening with Jeff, full of laughs!

Stake Temple Day

Ben likes to read books in the rocking chair, its a favorite thing to do in the morning, when we aren't rushing to school.
Benjamin and Evan, were sooo Cute. Ehre had to go potty and they immediately ran over and tried to peak under the door....boys will be boys!
Jeff and I hanging out with a new baby, it was so much fun!

Jeff was sooo sweet, he read sooo many books that evening! The Library should hire him to do story time!

We decided not to go last weekend with the stake since we wanted to attend Octoberfest this weekend, so instead we watch 2 children for some friends. That was a lot of fun, 8 am -8pm we had a little boy Ben's age (they had a blast) and a little girl only 2 months old! It got even more interesting when we added 3 more at 4:00 pm. Our neighbors had been in Alaska and Grandma was babysitting, but when their return flight was delayed it messed up the exchange plans with everyone at the airport and grandma's flight home. So for a while there we had 5 extra kids. It was fun and everything went really really well...though it didn't change our minds we most likely will never have 7 kids!

More Friday Band Practice

Here are the other pictures that I mentioned, what will we do in the spring when the football season is over?!