Friday, April 10, 2009

Followup on Chore Cans

A lot of people have asked for the specifics so here you go....

Ehre and Ben both have a Popsicle stick on the fridge with colored bars on them. Each color coordinates with a colored chore stick that they are responsible for (Ehre has 5 Ben has 3).

Every morning Ehre is supposed to.... get up and make her bed, get dressed independently, and put PJ's away ...this earns her two sticks
a. Bed
b. Get dressed

In the evening she
a. Sets table/Helps with dishes
b. Cleans up room

Overall she can earn...
a. Happy Day (meaning she doesn't backtalk, and try's hard to use words when frustrated)

Sundays she can earn
a. Sunday Stick for sitting well through Sacrament Meeting

When they earn sticks they put them in their own can. I try and do this with them before bedtime.

I have made 7 of each stick so they have a chance to earn one each day.

On Fridays we total up Ehre and Ben's sticks to see how many they each have.

They can earn
small treat made with mom for 10 sticks
Movie date with daddy and popcorn 20 sticks
movie night at home 15 sticks
etc.... I can remember all the rewards.

The reward sticks are purple with a picture of the reward and # of sticks required for it.

Ehre loves earning the sticks. After she gets the reward sticks all the sticks go back into the holder on the dryer, and the week starts over.

Ehre can use her reward immediately or choose to use it I need to make some duplicate reward sticks :)'

I got this idea from a friend so I definitely don't get the credit!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun in Indiana

Playing around the house...

Jeff you and the kids get into the craziest situations!!!

Gifts from the Maas'


Chore Cans

I got this idea from a friend with my own interpretation. In the end the kids love it!