Thursday, October 7, 2010

ONE Prego Pic...and thats all you are going to get

OK I had to dress up for a lab dinner with Jeff and decided to break down and take a pic. The original deal was that I would post a picture of me being pregnant and a good friend (ahem!) would also post a photo of herself on her own blog...but she is still getting to that. :)
.... yes my legs are still quite swollen....oh those feet, they can be a real bother by the evenings. I can't wait to have this baby soon! Hopefully less than 2 weeks left, lets see if we really can get this child here at 38 weeks!

"The Year Money Grew on Trees"

Check out this book, Jeff's professor from BYU is not only an amazing Electrical Engineer but also a junior fiction author! We've just purchased our first copy and we can't wait to read it. Its won a few awards, so check it out, maybe its something you will want to add to your own personal library!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Temple news....

Ok so we are getting a temple in Indy!!! Here is another update from our corkboard out here....
"My husband retired from the building division of the church and called some of his contacts after the announcement...Reg knows more about it, ie. approximate square footage and all....I'm just excited we will not have to drive through Chicago any more!!!! What a blessing!"
 -Sandie M.
Until we hear it as a fact, I have to treat this news more as "rumor", we have a large LDS pop in Carmel IN (further east) so that location wouldn't surprise us either...but for now we'll play around with the Avon idea.
Jeff and I google mapped Avon, IN. It is 1 hour 11 minutes south of Lafayette and 1 hour 14 minutes North of Bloomington, this means that when we move in two years we will be moving "farther away" from our nearest temple.....:)  We're not to broken up over it though!
Just for reference if the traffic to Chicago is good, and you take into consideration an ideal travel time, a weekend, construction etc.... It typically takes us 3 1/2 hours to get to the temple. Then Jeff and I trade on/off the kids to do two sessions, another 5 hours... and then 3 1/2 hours back home....its an all day trip!
If we go to KY, then the driving time is basically the same, since we don't have to deal with traffic or construction...either way...going to the temple is a well planned event.
We know that the announcement of this temple is not based on our families temple attendance. We've not attended nearly as much as we should have in the past 3 years that we've lived here. But it is because of the faithful saints collectively that have moved in and out of the area, as well as those that have lived here for a really long time, that we are getting this blessing!
To echo the words of the song sang just after this announcement, "We thank Thee oh God for Prophet!"  

Good Mormon examples in the Parenting Magazine.

I was reading my free copy of Parenting and found a wonderful little article. From my understanding, the church did not fund Prop 8...even though this mom was sure that we did. But I really enjoyed the examples of the Utah State girls while visiting CA, so here is the article. What do you think?
Article on pg 156 posted from
" My daughter and her cousin are on the from stoop, selling lemonade. Business is slow; we live on a quiet street. Then along come a half-dozen college-age gals in running gear, strolling up from the direction of the nearby subway.
"Lemonade! Get your lemonade!" the girls cry out, for no reason but the love of yelling, since their customers are already slowing.
"How much?" asks one.
"Twenty-five cents!" the girls chime.
"I'll take a cup," says the college gal, affably. "I'm totally parched." Every one of them follows suit, until the lemonade is all sold out.
Turns out they're in town for a track meet. I think happily about the positive role model for my girls.
"where are you all from?"
 I ask.
"Utah State."
I wonder if they can make out the T-shirt I've got on, bearing the name of our region's gay family organization. Surely they haven't missed the two marriage equality signs still  in our front garden, years after the ballot measure that s so bruised our state. A battle famously funded by the largest institution in their state, the Mormon Church. What's their take? Defiance? Chagrin?
None of these are questions I'm inclined to ask at the lemonade stand.
Instead, I offer, "Welcome to sunny California!" Which I sincerely mean. Here we are, I think. The family you hear so much about these days.
The gals knock back their drinks, smile, offer goodbyes, and walk off.
"What are the chances, eh kids?"
" Yeah," says my daughter, happily. "They were the perfect customers."