Thursday, January 28, 2010


We had friends over the other night for a night of games. I haven't played CLUE in years (since Jr. High it seems!) The guys had fun placing the character with their weapon choice. It was a great evening!

Ben's Joy School

Ben's enjoyed (what we've had so far) being involved in a Joy School. HE likes having his friends come over and play, and learning about new letters, topics and shapes. Here are the two crafts we did last week when we learned about "Hats" , "Triangles" and the letter "L".

Ehre's Dance Classes

She's loving her Ballet Class, it will last till her Spring Performance in May!

Jeff's Birthday

I didn't take as many photos as I wanted to, but Jeff did catch a shot of me trying to put candles in his frozen ice-cream cake. Yes, it required a chopstick and hammer, to "preset" some holes. :)

Thanks to our friends who joined us for the 2nd year in a row. Without them this cake would last months in our freezer.

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Train Table

I was really excited to see that a friend was selling her train table! Ben's birthday gifts for next week really center around that theme, and this would be perfect. She was selling it for an amazing price so we bought it. When we picked it up thought there was one small detail that she had left out... the table top looked like this.

Jeff and I hummed over a few options, she said that a Mr. Clean eraser would take the permanent ink off,....well yeah that and the paint too so we thought on it for a while.

In the end we decided just to paint a new top. This was a really fun project, though I wish it lasted longer!

What do you think?