Monday, August 4, 2008

This will be my last blog, before we head out for our final summer vacation. Sorry still no pictures, that camera still cannot be found anywhere!

(6) Wednesday-
8pm Maas' pick up Maas' from airport
(7) Thursday-
6 am Breakfast Head to 6 mile/ Service Project
Robinson Family Reunion
(8) Friday-
Jeff and Ann...whom ever else attend a Manti Temple Session
Reunion/ 12 noon leave for Ding & Dang Canyon (all invited to go)
Amy Stevenson Reception
(9) Saturday-
9 am Family Pictures
Skousen Dinner/ Grandma Nodzu coming?
1 Catherine's Twins Baby Shower
Tasha Time
1-2 Frisbee Golf with Jeff's Friends
5 Fudrucker's Friends Dinner
(10) Sunday-
Church with Maas'
Maas Family Day/Dinner
(11) Monday-
Temple session?
Jeff meet with BYU
Ann Lunch with Lyndsey Henderson (What time Lynds works best for you?)
Hale Center Theater with Garren and Becky Maas (Doreen watch kids)
(12) Tuesday-
4 am Hike Timpanogus (all invited to go)
Noon: Lunch With Tasha
5 pm Maas' Siblings Dinner.... where? Not sure yet? NO KIDS so find sitters!
(13) Wednesday-
5 am Robinson's return us to the airport, and we fly back to IN

Cute kids

Sunday, August 3, 2008

This Week....

Well we are now only 2 days away from leaving for Utah and we are REALLY excited !!! We hope to spend a lot of time with both families since, it will be our last time to see Jeremiah (my brother) and Erin (Jeff's sister) before they put in their mission papers and leave for far off "exotic countries", in search of those willing to receive the gospel! The Robinson's have planned our FIRST Family Reunion and as long as we don't get rained out it should be a lot of fun...well even if we get some rain, it will still be great!................... Hey are there going to be Tee-Shirts at this reunion to keep up with tradition?

This past week has been a little crazy, but its now over. Like usual, Jeff's professor just gave him his "to do" list before he is to leave, so Jeff has spent a lot of time at school finishing his projects and finishing new ones as well. He's such a hard worker and hasn't complained at all, :) So I make up for it grumbling about it and then expressing my thankfulness for the trip this week.

We had fun rearranging Day Care for our kids, we went from having someone lined up to finding out that they are graduating and could leave any time. Then Purdue called and had room for our kids in their new program, on campus. So we will now have the kids on campus with us, which is really cool, because this program will let us come and visit them anytime we want.

So now we are packing up our bags and getting ready to leave. Since our flight doesn't leave till the afternoon of the 6th our plan is to take the kids to the Children's Museum and give them a few hours to run themselves to the ground. The Museum is only a few minutes from the airport, we are hoping that they fall asleep as soon as they sit down on the plane. :) ( Ha ha ha its a good plan!)

So to all our family in UT, we'll see you soon, as for everyone else, Have a great week!

Ann & The Family