Saturday, July 19, 2008

Missing Camera

Ok, I KNOW that I put it in the drawer after I uploaded our last blog where did it go?
I have this terrible horrible feeling that my kiddo's may have pulled it out...and who knows where it went....I am desperately looking anywhere, a few days ago I rounded up all the trash, please please let me find it... I hope it wasn't in there when I sent everything out! yeah this means that we will have some boring posts until I can find that camera!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tasha's Blog

Tasha just started her family's blog, so check it out!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

This week....

Hi Friends and Family-
Ehre's hair looks cute again, I took her to the stylist and she trimmed everything up. Ehre had a blast sitting in the "cool" chair with a safari cover spread over her. :) I hope that she learned her lesson, but something deep down inside of me says, maybe not. Ehre has been my big helper, I have 3 friends due in the next week, and as I started counting up how many other friends were pregnant, my list ended at 22, with 23 babies coming! So she has been helping me make burp cloths for all the babies, and its been a lot of fun. Benjamin, is transitioning, hopefully you can tell (on the blog) that his baby face is disappearing, and he is training into my toddler. Its so cute. He is ever more his mothers boy, he is slowly transitioning to nursery but still wants me as soon as its done. I feel loved, I just hope that day care doesn't kill him in a month.... a month...yeah its coming up fast. Jeff and I have everything set. I just added another class, so I'll have 15 credits and Jeff will have his 6 + research. We are both anxious for school to start...and get finished, while enjoying the time We hope that you all had just as wonderful of a week as we did, we look forward to hearing from you all. The Maas FamilyPS. As always the blog is being continuously updated.