Saturday, April 30, 2011

My first 5k...

This is me 35 minutes after I started!!!!  The kids and Jeff ran a 1k. And they ran the whole thing!

Ann Maas

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Running Log

Well my first 5K is this Saturday! (And I am not nearly prepared as I want to be) Due to unforeseen Dr appointments this week (read other posts) I haven't ran as much. My "supraspinatus muscles" (go ahead look that one up) are getting tight due to all the tugging and pulling during exams on my shoulder so I haven't felt as well this week. :(  So this is what I've done so far.... (no laughing I told you it wasn't as good as last week!)

Monday: Raining and cold...ran 2 miles
Tuesday: nope
Wednesday: nope
Thursday: I ran for 10 minutes walked till 17 minutes...then had to go help Ben and Elise... I am still hoping to run for 20 minutes more tonight.... oh wait its 9:30...probably not.
Friday: I will go to aerobics instead of running. I also will go to my last "Couples Volleyball" night before surgery in a week.
Saturday: Race Day  As long as I complete it in less than 45 minutes I'll be happy, ideally I'll run it in about 36.... we'll see :)

One sort of good thing, because of surgery I have been taken off the Purdue Research Diet. I may finish the last month of it in August after our internship but for now this means I don't have to have any more soy-yucky chick fake meat. :)

Total Miles this week....3 maybe 4  :)

SLAP Repair

So the final rundown:

Last Friday: Met with PT (I think I mentioned it but my PT is amazing, she is my age and super smart I love working with her!) she said she thought I tore the Labrum in my shoulder, recommended to have me see sports med Dr.

Monday: Saw sports med Dr. .. she thinks I tore the rotator cuff. Said that I had just earned myself an MRI

Tuesday: Contrast MRI was done, OUCH they actually put a needle into the shoulder joint (all the way into it!) and inject two different dyes....oooh it didn't feel good. (But Jeff was there to support me even if they made him stay out of the room, I love him for coming!)

Wednesday: Met with Dr. Snead, one of the top surgeons in the state, he's worked on pro athletes, but mostly focuses on Purdue's athletes. He specializes in shoulder and arm injuries. He took more x-rays and confirmed with the PT, I tore my Labrum. Surgery is required to fix it. He also noticed that the Labrum itself is loose (genetic) so he will tighten it with a few stitches as well, since he will already be in there. :) (This is called a SLAP Repair.)

Future Plans:
May 9th: 12 noon I am having surgery
1-6 weeks: No moving the arm (Thats ok we'll be vacationing in Utah!)
8-14 weeks: PT to gain range of motion back
15-20 weeks: PT to gain strength back
20+ Weeks: Well hopefully I will be back to normal. My main priority is being able to function well as a mom, but secondly .... city league volleyball starts up in September!!!

Apparently this is a common injury with pitchers and volleyball players. Not really preventable, and it wasn't because I didn't stretch out well enough... it just happens.

Back to my PT, I told you she was smart, I had to call her and let her know that she diagnosed me correctly... she's so cool!

So there is my official update. I can't say I am thrilled that surgery is required but I will be happy when my shoulder stops hurting, when I can lift and pour a gallon of milk for my kids, when I can hold Elise with my R arm and not have it hurt, oh yeah and when I can start serving some wild balls again!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rotator Cuff

I had a PT appointment on Friday, she wanted me to see the Sports Medicine Dr again. So this morning I did. They both think I may have torn my rotator cuff or something in the shoulder. The Dr scheduled an dye-injected MRI for tomorrow afternoon, then I meet with the surgeon on Wednesday morning. The surgeon is the Dr that is over the athletes here at Purdue, it happens that Wed is his last time coming up here from Indy for the semester. So the Dr wanted to make sure I get in as soon as possible.

We'll know more by the middle of this week but if I do have to have surgery, there are some sad points. 1) Arm will be immobilized for 1 month (yes this is my Right arm) 2) I am out from volleyball for 6-7 months   They asked if there was a convenient time to do surgery...with a baby and 2 kids... I couldn't think of one.


Happy Days, I guess things could be worse right?! 


Family Email

Hey Family-

This week was busy but we had fun.

Monday: Ben had another study at Purdue. He loves going and "playing games" especially when they give him a toy at the end, and I enjoy pocketing $9  Then Elise went and finished an infant study,  its interesting to see what they are researching as far as child development goes.  Ben's study looks at recognition of speech patterns and following directions. Elise's was determining if a young infant (started this study at 4 months) can distinguish vowels of the language spoken at home and recognize when foreign languages are being spoken...she can (she must be really smart! jk All my kids fall in the norm) 

Tuesday: Normal day, spent the morning sewing with a friend and letting the kids play. We had our Skills and Drills Volleyball class in the evening before our regular volleyball time. We've had such a good turn out here, and its amazing and fun to see the girls who haven't played much improve their skills. This makes is so much more fun to play an hour later!

Wednesday-Friday: All typical days, we stayed busy working on various activities, such as finishing Easter outfits.

Friday: Was a snow day, so we enjoyed having Ehre home in the afternoon with us. We invited friends over and we all decorated Easter cookies. :)

Saturday : Our ward had a Easter Egg Hunt and breakfast, this was a lot of fun.  We came home and decorated hard boiled eggs. Side walk chalk was pulled out and we decorated our front driveway in beautiful colors and portraits of Easter Bunnies. Lastly Jeff and I had a date night, we attended the 2nd wards youth fundraiser. It was a fun night watching "The Family Fued"

Sunday:  Easter Sunday, it was wonderful.

Ward Gossip says that on June 1st a new stake building will be completed, that means 2 of the 5 wards meeting in our building will transfer over. At this time rumor has it that boundaries will be changing, a new ward may be added. There is a chance that they are changing all the ward names and a chance that we will be getting a new bishopric. Not to mention that in the next month our EQ president, RS president, RS 1st Counselor, and many others including our organist will all be moving away to bigger and better things. Including us, temporarily.

We leave May 25th for Utah. We will detour and go visit Moab (hopefully with the Elder family!). Jeremiah comes home on the 31st, Jeff has a conference in Baltimore June 5-10 and then my dad and I are driving back to IN on the 10. But on the 13th we'll all be down in Bloomington for Jeff's internship at CRANE naval base.


Well that's about it, I would like to mention that I ran 17.2 miles this past week (or ran/walked) my first 5k is this Saturday. As long as I finish in under 45 minutes I'll be happy :) I'm not to picky, it is my first 5k.

Lots of Love,
Ann and the family

Running Log for last week

Sunday3.0 walk to church and back :)
Monday 3.3 miles
Tuesday 3.5 miles
             Volleyball 3 hours
Wednesday no run
Thursday 2.8 miles
Friday no run
Saturday 2.6 miles
Sunday Happy Easter
Monday (This morning) 2 miles (its raining)

So total: 17.2 miles
Caloric Burn: 2706

This week is my final week to run before the race on Saturday. I am planning to run everyday but Friday. (so far so good :)  Today I have a followup appointment with a sports medicine Dr. I've been going to PT for my shoulder (in Feb I pulled my rotators cuff playing volleyball). Since starting PT, my range of motion has gotten much better as the inflammation went down, but in 2 months, there is still pain when I go over my head, and there is also significant weakness there too. My PT (who is awesome!) says she won't see me anymore till we find out if something worse happened initially. She thinks I may have torn the labrum or glenoid. So today I'll go see whats going on...but in the mean time I've been told if I go to volleyball, no serving, no setting,  no diving with my R arm.... that leaves me to wimpy underhand serves and passing. Maybe I can just play the back row and let everyone rotate around me?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter outfits

Yes...they all match!

Ann Maas