Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This week...

This week,.... its been really good. Ehre had a dance recital last Saturday. We are still working on putting the video on our blog, butI will try to post pictures later today. She loved the fact that she got to wear makeup and a pretty costume. She did really well and now is already missing the dance class. We'll have to see if she'll do this again next semester. She's really bonded well with the other girls in the class, and though she's no prima donna, she's learning more about her body and how to move it as well as follow directions.

This is Jeffs final week of class, tomorrow he will turn in his final project and all his course work for the PhD program will be complete! We've been looking forward to this for such a long time. He's maintained an amazing GPA throughout all of this and really has enjoyed his class work even if the homework takes forever to complete. :) Once this is done he will be able to focus more on his research, and what CRANE will be wanting him to work on for the fellowship.

This last week I finished my blanket for Kim, it turned out really well. I also gave way the one I crocheted. So I am probably going to start on another one for fun, I really enjoy keeping my hands busy. :) But who knows maybe I'll just wait till we get back from the UT trip to start this next one.

This week has been especially busy with trying to manage my primary calling. We will be loosing a lot of teachers and need to replace (not optional) a few too, it seems that every axillary is needed lots of callings as well. There is no need that is greater than another, though as a Primary we of course would love to see our callings filled first, but that most likely won't happen. So we are trying to double up our classes to make things work. Our poor teachers some of them will have 12 primary kids in their classes for a little while. This has really been an excellent calling, even if I do miss RS, I really enjoy working wtih the kids.

Two weeks ago one of our Sr. Primary boys was crying in primary. His teacher tried to talk with him but couldn't figure out what was wrong and let the boy be. I later talked with his mom a good friend, and explained that her son had ben upset and we weren't sure why, hoping they would be able to comfort him appropriately. (It is soo rare for a Sr. Primary boy to show any emotion, let alone cry in Primary) The mom called me yesterday to let me know that she had been able to visit with her son and figure out what was going on. She explained to me that her son started crying during singing time, because as he was singing the primary songs he finally realized what the words were meaning. In that quick moment the spirit bore testimony and understanding to him that the songs could teach him more about Christ and build on his own existing testimony. Of course the conversation wtih the mother and son was brief in another minute he was bounding out the door to play, but I was grateful that she was able to speak with him and then share the experience with me. This kid is a great kid and represents many of the kids in our primary. We are really blessed to have such wonderful families doing such a wonderful job raising their children.

Yesterday topped the week, with our little Richfield community pulling together to assist a friend. As the a friend and I worked with her yesterday there were several things that I ether learned or had a spiritual confirmation of knowledge I all ready had. I wanted to quickly share.

1. We as sisters NEED the Relief society and Visiting Teachers.  When I lived in UT I never understood the need for the RS. I had family close by that helped shoulder any troubles that our family had, and that in itself was a wonderful experience. But as I've lived in IN I've realized the purpose of the RS and VT program to reach out and assist and teach those that we have been assigned to care for. This can be a simple or complex job, but either way it is important. I am grateful for the amazing VT's I have, they bring a special spirit and message into my home and I look forward to their monthly visits.

2. We must act on spiritual promptings big or small.  Family members had had promptings that that they needed to reach out but chose to ignore them. In the end, they regretted not doing so.  I am grateful that two women were able to receive the promptings and act on them, and thereby assist where needed.

3. We all need our Heavenly Father, we need to constantly feel of his love. We need to understand the process of forgiveness. I am grateful for the power of forgiveness and repentance, that allows me to feel clean and whole. There is nothing greater than feeling the approval of our Heavenly Father and his forgiveness over our sins.

A week from tomorrow we will be flying into UT and I think Jeff is going crazy with how excited the kids and I are about flying to see family. The biggest challenge about grad school in my opinion is living far from family. I desperately miss visiting face to face with you guys and being able to help out as needed. Hopefully one day we'll live closer.