Saturday, August 20, 2011

Well, this was a big surprise for us!

No this has nothing to do with Jeff's job, we are still waiting to hear the final details regarding his hiring process and we may have to wait until MARCH, which in my opinion is way to close to his graduation date, and for the fact that in March we will be plenty busy taking care of other things, which happen to include a new baby! We are meeting to confirm with the doctors this week....but looks like Elise will be a big sister in March!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School Cones...

This is a german tradition you fill paper cones with treats and school supplies. Kids get them on the first day of school. I went ob the small side...some cones are as large as the kid!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Campfire food"

Back yard camping

Headboard now matches the dressers

Aria is now a big sister!

Learning Without Knowing

Ehre's teacher sent home these ideas, I thought they were fun. Often I am looking for a new simple idea but am brain dead! Enjoy!

Learning Without Knowing…

In the Car and Waiting in Line:

·         Days of the week

·         Months of the year

·         Phone number and address

·         Count to 25, by 5's, 10's, 100'ss

·         Who sees something blue? Green? Red? Etc…

·         Alphabet

·         Alphabet game- who can find the letter a first? B? etc

·         Who can find something that starts with a d? p? etc

·         There are five vowels…what are they?

·         I am thinking of a coin that is copper and is worth one cent. What is it called? What is the coin called that is worth five cents? 25 cents? 10 cents? Is the dime smaller than the nickel?

·         Shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, etc. Give me an example of something that is a circle.

·         Am I turning left or right?

·         Say a word and have your child tell you all of the sounds in it.

·         At a stop light see how many times they can say the alphabet or count as high as possible

·         Read signs on the road and ask what letters or sight words they see.

·         Say a word and have them tell you the beginning and ending sound.

·         Give clues for words to your child. I am thinking of a word that starts with c and ends with a t and it is an animal

·         Practice spelling words

Ways to use magnetic letters at home:

·         Making words

·         Name game

·         Alphabetical order

·         Magazine Match- have children find and cut out large print words they can read and understand from magazines or newspapers. They glue them on a sheet of paper and make them each a magnetic letter.

·         Making new Words-build several words and show the children how to change, add or take away a letter or letters to make a new word.

·         Rhyming pairs- use a magnetic cookie sheet. With magnetic letters make a word such as cut. Say the word and have the child say a rhyming word or make it with magnetic letters below it.

·         Crossword letters- you make a word and then the child makes a word that starts from one of the letters. The word can go across or down.

·         Adding Endings- make an action word such as jump. Invite the child to add as many different endings as possible (jumps, jumped, jumping)

·         Changing vowels make a sample three letter word. Ask the child to change the vowel to make a new word.

·         Syllable Game say a word and then make it with magnetic letters. Have the child say another word with the same number of syllables and make it with magnetic letters.

·         Consonant couplets make a word that begins with a consonant. Have the child make another word that starts with the same consonant.

·         Consonant cluster couplets make a simple word that begins with two consonants together (cr-) have the child make a word that starts with the same cluster.

·         Category words- chose a category such as colors, clothing, food, furniture. Make and read a word in the category. Have the child make and read one and continue to take turns making as many words in the category as you can. Keep a list and read the list together at the end.

·         Compound finish, make the first part of a compound word and have the child finish it. Then reverse the roles. Keep a list of the words you make and read them together.

·         Building words give your child a pile of letters and tell them to make and write as many words as they can.

·         Make and mix have your child make the names of the days of the week. One at a time, mix the letters and have them make them again several times. Repeat with the months of the year.

·         Seasons Reasons, select a season. Make a word and tell why it goes with that season. Have your child do the same.

·         Missing Letters- make the last part of a word such as _ _ _ air and have the child put one or two letters in the beginning to make a real word. Repeat the process with one or two missing letters at the end of the words.

Other fun activities to do:

·         Take a "color Walk" looking for things that are different colors. Walk through your home, neighborhood or playground.

·         Play "I Spy" with your child

·         Give your child a bucket off colored sidewalk chalk.

·         Put sand flour or rice in a shallow baking pan. Have your child use his or her fingers to draw numbers in the pan.

·         Write numbers in the bottom of an empty egg carton and let your child count the correct number of buttons beans or pennies into each section

·         Using a large plate and several pieces of cooked spaghetti  ask your child to make shapes, letters and numbers that you name.

Amy's baby gift

Christy's baby gift.

1st day of school

School cones