Saturday, August 14, 2010

8 Stitches Total

Well 2 internal stitches, 6 exterior (3 mattress stitches and 3 regular stitches) took Ben about 45 minutes till he was awake enough to go home. He requested chocolate shakes as his treat so Grandma picked up all the supplies. This morning, he's feeling pretty good...I have to go find some bandaids that he isn't allergic too... he's got a small rash from the ones used yesterday. We'll have the stitches removed the day after we get home to IN....hopefully this is we won't have any other problems on this trip.

Side note...traveling with Medicaid as your kids primary insurance can be a pain...(claims are often denied for out of state care..and an ER is expensive!) Two days before we left for UT we decided to go ahead and add the kids to Jeff's insurance with Purdue...what a blessing. This made our ER trip run sooo smoothly!


ha ha ha this was funny and creepy, this is what Ben looks like with "Concious sedation".... wierd. His eyes weren't closed all the way...again it was just wierd! Totally unresponsive Ben...poor kid!

...Falling asleep...

Here we are in the ER they placed a topical ointment on the cut to numb the whole area, and then they gave him an IM shot to help him fall it kicked in fast! Thanks grandma for letting us watch a movie on your ipod while we waited!  (Sorry this pic is upside down, I can't figure out how to get a Mac to save or rotate the picture.)

Another Hospital trip in Utah!

Well we lasted less than 24 hours here before we were in the Er. Ben was jumping on one of Grandma's couches and fell and hit a magazine rack...lots of blood...totally gross cut (hmmm I must be pregnant). So here is a pic of Ben in the ER, we are waiting for them to get the medicine to put him under, for the stitches.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life of a PhD Student's Family... this really isn't how our life is, but there have been times where its been tempting to do just this..... Thankgoodness for free department dinners :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

New House

Ok here goes....

Living Room: Looking in from the front door.
This was a FREE bookcase, and I love it!
From the living room looking to the stairs going upstairs, downstairs and into the kitchen.

Bad photo, sorry! This is the kitchen.
My bare wall in the kitchen, the shelves are all small (Can only fit the height of a small Triscuit box) So we are using other shelves to store things...we will fix this....later most likely by buying shelving with doors or putting a counter top in.
Backyard....oh we mowed on Saturday...13 bags of grass later and 4 boxes....ohhh this will be a challenge to keep up!
Living Room "Library"...seriously we could fill 3-4 bookshelves..but for now it will fill up the wrap around shelving in the room. (and no, the entertainment center isn't usually pushed into the room...just another side affect of trying to get the Internet to work)
Office area in the living room...Jeff trying to get Frontier to understand that our Internet connection really stinks and doesn't always the end...they were not helpful at all. 
We'll try again to fix things today. It looks pretty cluttered, this is one area I am still organizing...too many books, and school stuff to keep track of.
Looking down the hall into the downstairs bathroom and the craft/laundry room
Upstairs Bath
Master Bedroom
Ehre's room (LOVE vinyl wall stickers!)
Ben's room
Door Decor for the kids rooms...they painted these by themselves, what good artists!
Well that's it, basically its a standard split level home, and for our first home we love it. The garage door currently doesn't open, and there isn't another access into it so we are kind of stuck there. Hopefully it will get repaired soon. Its a good thing we were trying to pull in when it broke, or our van would be stuck inside. :)

Front of the house:
This was our longest and fastest move (I think) We started packing 3 weeks early....oh our other house felt like a storage unit. When we finally moved on Friday, we had a ton of help (Thanks!) and 95% of all the unpacking and organizing was done by Monday evening. We even had friends over for dinner by Tuesday night! Not bad if you consider that we still took Sunday as our day of rest.  No more moving for a little while, we'll have a small move next summer for our internship, and our next move will be the following summer when we move to Jeff's job at CRANE. :)