Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wedding Flowers anyone?

I am actually posting these so that the bride can see them. But they are a lot of fun to put together. I have a bunch more to make for her, but I hope that she likes them!

Philly Trip

Us heading out there. Jeff usually doesn't travel in a suit, but we decided to stop by the Columbus Temple so that he could do a session. 1 more family name done!

The kids did great, playing for a while in the car. They are really good troopers...but hey we did leave at 4:30 in the morning so they slept a lot at first....

What a beautiful site to drive with!

View from our Hotel.

Our Hotel. Double Tree on Broad Street! Downtown was amazing!

Ben at Dinner...he's sooo cute!

I ordered 2 kids meals for dinner, but the waiter was nice enough to mention that they could split it, he was right one meal was HUGE! This is Ben's portion.

My Huge get your money's worth here and its yummy!

Ehre is so cute, she is quite the little lady!

Valley Forge, weapons.

Who would want to carry this around all day?

Ancient bears...they were huge!
(Dad this photo is for you!)

My revolutionary soldiers!

Kids manning the cannon.

Settlements at Valley Forge

NO, kids we are not moving in....despite how much fun it looks like!

Ben was a helper, he pushed the stroller (empty) for a while.

Memorial Bridge.

Built by the Masons.

Kids at our picnic while at Valley Forge....Jeff currently was presenting his research (and did really well!!!)

Washington Memorial Church.

Huge bridge over the Delaware in Philly!

New Jersey Battleship.

The Oceanic ship at port.

Really Cool iron work...maybe one day we can add it to a future home. :)

A sub in port too!

A sub isn't complete without a missile.

This is the sign hanging in front of a true!

What a beautiful home....adding it to the wish list.

Who knew?

We were just strolling down a random street and found this sign.

Ok this is funny... Benjamin accidentally went to the pool with a diaper and not a swim diaper, it was so heavy that when we got back he could only walk around like a sumu wrestler! He he he .....

Ehre took this picuture of Ben and Mommy!

Our indoor pool and hot tub! We went almost every night, it was a lot of fun. The kids loved jumping into the pool (well into our arms) they had a blast!

Another view from our hotel room.

Independence Hall

Constitution Center...didn't go it, it costed an arm and a leg....they may have even kept Ehre for tax.

Liberty Bell

Benjamin Franklins home had several quotes from letters between his wife and himself. I was suprised to learn that when she died, Benjamin hadn't seen her in 10 about comitment to his country....but please couldn't you spare a visit to your family?!

Good quote! I should learn from it!

We met "Benjamin Franklin"

Congress Hall....origonal!!!

Jeff sitting in a replica of the origonal chairs (that were still there)

Assembley Hall next to Independence Hall, this is where the senate meet.

Ehre slept through the whole thing!

Ben....didn't sleep!

Indpendence Hall Tour.

First Fire Station (organized) in the USA.

This is the only residential street maintained soely by residents for the past 300 years! Amazing, and beautiful!

Ehre and Betsy Ross

We had a few rain showers at the end of our trip but the view was still beautiful.

On the way home we stopped by the Hershey Factory!

The kids helped package Hershey kisses.

Ehre had too much fun filling her box, it was overflowing by the time she was done, and the lid couldn't fit.

Shake all those kisses in!

No one will forget the singing cows! We did this tour 2 x.

3D Movie!

Ben didn't agree with kissing!

And after all this we finally made it home!