Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trip to UT: Sending Jer into the MTC

Ehre and I went to Temple Square, she loved seeing the temple and the Christus.

She was NOT a big fan of the conference waterfall.... to much splashing water she said.

Hugs with Grandma. She cried all the way to SLC when we left, because she said she didn't want to leave Grandma's fun house, she told me it was boring in Indiana! (Sorry kid we have to go home!)

Grandpa M and Ehre.

Tasha and I went to breakfast at IHop we had a great time, it was really good to see her and catch up!

This is what we made the dads for fathers day! They turned out really cute. Just a few potting plants and bases + a fishbowl!

We had a farwell party for Jemiah at the Hughes home. We played in the pool, had a BBQ and then had a pinata. The kids loved it!

I worked on my tan!

Jeremiah, we are really going to miss you!

Aunty C. and H!

Ehre was a big girl and was responsible for her little suitcase all through out the airport!

We had fun traveling together it was a wonderful "girls trip".

She did really well on the airplanes. I was super impressed with her happy attitude, despite long sitting times.

....of course giving her candy helped make the ride smoother. :)

Benjamin just before we left..... I don't think he realized that we were ditching him.... poor kid.

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