Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a babe!

Ann Maas

Ben survived preschool.

He accidently was hit by a ball....but he thinks its pretty cool!

Ann Maas

Beautiful earings

From Amy....she has good taste.

Ann Maas

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Running PR Tonight

Tonight I ran 3.9 miles on my way to volleyball. ( I just tracked it all with google maps)
Two PR's

1.  I didn't stop to run AT ALL!!!
2.  I made it in 45 minutes

A good friend of mine said that it was my pace that was messing me up. So I just kept in time with my music which is about 4.5-5.0 and I could do it. :) 
This only goes to prove that anyone can learn to run.


We have a pretty good estimate that there are atleast 800 dandilions in this pile. So far as a family we have spent 5+ hours weeding and we are only 75% done...with the back yard.   It looks much better...too bad our landlord doesn't appreciate all our work. But we have had a good time singing, visiting and having Ehre read during scripture time. Though this has been a long project we really enjoy the opportunity to work together as a family!

Ann Maas