Saturday, April 9, 2011

We're safe...

Jeff and I were talking about this and had a small laugh over the whole matter. A few weeks ago someone had asked us about where we were going with our job after graduation. We explained that we were going to CRANE, we also added that with an economy like its been lately it will be nice to work for the government because they have consistent work with after this pasts week issues, I have been left thinking. Maybe we shouldn't buy a house in Bloomington, maybe we should rent and fill our 2 year agreement. Then we can see where the economy goes.... Any how, the summer of last night. The D's and R's finally figured something out around 11 pm EST last night. :)  Again I am totally confused the D's said this was all about keeping a group of women from getting health care and not about abortions. But the R's said this was all about Planed Parenthood and abortion.... so what was it really about?
Here is a link.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Anyone else confused?

We are currently in the "affected boat" should the government shut down tonight. I really don't understand it all. I do appreciate this clip though given in an address this morning. I feel perplexed that I agree with things from both parties, yet neither is perfect.
All I can say is, don't shut down the government. Instead stop the pay checks for all the congressmen and women and tell them that until they settle this (and a few other issues) no one will be paid....see how long they last then...I think they would come to some conclusions really fast. (and then don't back pay them either, let them remember what its like to be affected personally by bills passed, or in this case not passed)
I wish I had a reliable source, someone or somewhere to turn to, that would take all the confusion away from political debates, voting, bills etc. Its way over my head, yet I don't feel like I can trust any specific source...they all seem biased in one way or another... or they are telling 1/2 truths.
joy of joys...well I still think this video was interesting.

Ben and Purdue studies

Ben loves doing studies at Purdue currently he in two. He thinks its fun and at the end he always gets a toy! I get to sit and watch him on a closed circuit tv. I am amazed every time with how well he interact with the teachers.

Ann Maas

Yes, she holds her own bottle!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ben's new tie

Ben went with me to the store and picked out the fabric for his new tie. This was our trial one before I work on the Easter outfits. It turned out well....if there wasn't so much hand stitching it would have gone really fast, but that's ok I am pleased with it!

Ann Maas

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 happened again.

But this time I was given a phone number and name to call. I thought that it was the bus driver.... but no it was the supervisor...and she got to hear my frustrations about having the bus driver not doing her job right. Hopefully this problem is now fixed (it beter be!!)
Ehre did get another play date though!

Monday, April 4, 2011

What makes me mad...and scared... when a bus driver lets my 6 year old off on any stop....after skipping her own!  This has happened twice now in the past week, where the bus driver (yes she is new..but still!)  has skipped our bus stop. Then has allowed Ehre to get off with a friend, with out a permission note from me.  I'm not upset with Ehre, she knows the friend from church and we are good friends with their family. Her friend told Ehre that she would walk her home and there they could call me..but still the bus driver let her go??? Without a note from me???  I am not to happy. I called the school looking for Ehre when she was 20 minutes late. ( I waited so long because last Friday, I was worried that her stop had been skipped and was told that she was on the bus but the bus was running 15 minutes late) The school didn't know where she was either. Then my friend called to say that she had her. I called the school back, they probably didn't appreciate me being up set, but they were kind. They are going to straighten this out.  I'm not sure what Ehre would do if for any reason she didn't have a close friend on the bus.
So dear bus driver, I'll forgive you for the first time....but I don't know what your problem is now that this has happened twice! (Ok I'll forgive you again...but don't let this happen again!) My last question this happening to anyone else on our bus route?
So there is my rant for the day...this better not happen again.
Ehre gets the good side of this mishap, Ben and Elise are both sound asleep, so my wonderful friend is going to let her stay for a short play date. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Im sorry.... all our family in Utah who are not experienceing our fabulous weather!!!

Ann Maas (Typed while holding a baby. )

Easter wreath

...I just added eggs...simple!

Ann Maas (Typed while holding a baby. )