Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Elise 2 months old... pics sorry... but there are some recent blog posts that have her in them.. :)

Her weight is 11 lbs.   50%
She is 22 1/2 inches long  50%
and her head is 38.2 cm    30%

She's doing really well. She hated her shots (go figure). Her appointment was at 1 pm. She fell asleep at 1:45 ish and didn't wake up till 7. It totally wasn't fair. She never sleeps that long at night! Now she is awake and I her legs hurt so its time to put her in the tub. :)

Happy Holidays!

Winter Hats and Snowmen

I've made Elise a few beanies, but the problem is that they come off so easily. Granted I did make them a little large so that she can wear them longer but I needed to do something different. So this next had I made her, has ear flaps that button under her chin. I think it turned out really cute. Its really not quite as bright as it looks, no Ehre wants a matching one.

Here is our snowman, his construction started 2weeks ago, and even though he is small, he was finally finished today. It was a great project for me and the kids while Elise was sleeping!

Jeff's Masters Graduation!

This was a funny and interesting event. For a few reasons...
1. Jeff actually earned his Masters degree a year ago...but since he was in the direct PhD Program he didn't get it, but all the qualifications were met.
2. When he got his internship they said they would have paid us a few thousand more a year, had he had his Masters....shoot then we'll get it...they said OK.
3. Jeff didn't walk for his Bachelors, so I asked him if he would walk for his Masters....just for me.
4. He reluctantly agreed... :)
5. The graduation was long, and all of our kids were watch by some good friends...and it was Sunday and ...well we both snuck out as soon as they started awarding the Bachelor degrees.
In the end Jeff looked really sharp and I'm glad he went to 75% of the graduation. It helped us both feel like we had hit another milestone on this PhD journey!
Congrats Jeff!

Christams Decoratons

I LOVE christmas decorations, here are a few of my favorites. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow man cookie jar

ok this is soo cute... I'll have to make one one day!

Snowman Candy Bowl

Do you need a last minute thank you gift for someone?
One that is super easy and super cheap to make?

Enter the Snowman Candy Bowl...
He is easy to make in under an hour.

What you will need:
hat-i found mine at Hobby Lobby
styrofoam egg
white, black, orange, & pink paint
round glass bowl
(don't get the fluted edge, it needs to be round)
scrap of fabric
hot glue gun
candy cane kisses

Paint the egg white and let it dry.
If you are not patient, or just in a hurry
get out a blow dryer and dry on low heat.
Paint another coat of white and dry again.

Dip the end of the paint brush in the black paint
and dot on the eyes and mouth.

Paint on orange nose.
Or you could cut out a small piece of felt and hot glue it on.
Dip your paint brush in the pink paint...
brush most of it off on some scrap paper, then
and add some rosy cheeks to your snowman.

Hot glue the hat to the top of the egg.
Add the snowflake embellishment.
Glue the buttons to the jar.
Tie fabric around the jar's neck.
Fill with candy.
Top with snowman head.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!!