Friday, July 20, 2012

Usps tag

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Starting to roll over...right at 4 months!

We close in ONE week.

I wasn't going to start packing yet.... jk for those that know me...its a shock the house hasn't gotten all packed up by now. :) A wonderful friend just moved and gave me her extra boxes....and then I just couldn't help myself.  The kids helped me today. We've packed up 75% of the apartment stuff minus the furniture. We'll take this over to the storage unit tonight and then next week with our 16' truck we will love everything else to the new house. I'm starting to get really excited!

New desk

I found this desk on craigslist list for a I just finished touching it up. This will be perfect for our entry  way.... we close in 6 days!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

MAD and Very WORRIED mom....

...this morning I woke up to a large POP and then Ben saying his fingers were hurting and crying. I immediately knew he had been shocked. I ran to his room and 3/5 fingers were all black (no pic). I went to the bathroom but the lights were out. So I used wet wiped to examine his gingers better....thank fully no burns. Maybe not best choice word but I kept telling him over and over is to play with outlets because you cab get hurt.  After all this I finally worked.out that he had put this tab above the fan plug and touched it to the two prongs. I don't know how bad he could have been hurt but all I could think of is previous burn patients hurt fingers.

Oh...little boys can really scare their moms!