Thursday, January 22, 2009

I dare you.....

Search : Jeffrey Daniel Maas in Google....he actually comes up!!!

He's the 2nd article:Annual Report of Scholarly Productivity

and then like the 34th: BYU Undergraduate Research - 2007 IMMERSE Publications

Pretty cool!

He's just a smart and tallented guy, what can I say?!

I Love you babe!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Enjoy! Sorry that it took me so long, a few more posts will come in a few days!


Allright I am almost done, I have 6 more photo files at home that I need to "jump" onto the computer and then I'll be all updated! Enjoy the photos, sorry this semester is CRAZY so I don't know how well I'll keep the blog updated, but I will do my best!


Sick Days

My cuddly kids, with dad, being sick isn't fun, but a few good things come out of it.

Did you know that you could be soo sick that it pops a blood vessel in your eye! Painful! Poor Jeff.. but he's all better now.

Ben had such rosy cheeks when he was sick. He loved to cuddle with me and I loved it!

Last semester was filled with sick days, hopefully this semseter will be better (even if Jeff and I currently have a cold:)

Purdue Christmas

I can't believe how much candy the used, or how big the tree was. Amazing!

2008 Primary Gifts

We gave these to all 50 kids, they turned out so cute.

"Jesus is the reason for the season"

Maas' for Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by for the visit, we really enjoyed it!

Ann & the Family

How do YOU brish THEIR teeth?

This is just ONE way to do it, adn for us it works really really well!

Neighbors Treat for Christmas

Mom and Dad do you remember making these?!

First snow of 2008

Finals are over!

And we are excited!

2008 Christmas Decorations

Ehre's birthday star, too bad I dont' have one for Ben. :(
Amy's 12 days of christmas, that the kids LOVED!!!

This shouldn't say "snow" but "freezing weather" :)

My cute Santa and snowman!

All the presents (3 Birthdays, Christmas and Anniversary)on top of the entertainment center to keep kids from touching them.

Advent wreath.

Christmas Card holder, its just a painted shutter, and works great!

Homemade stockings!

And thats our house at Christmas!!!

...another hair cut

this one happened at school....some girls were having too much fun...good thing it was in the back and not easy to notice! The school put the lock in a bag for us...maybe I'll make a hair wreath from all of Ehre's unplanned hair cuts!

All I want for Chirstmas....

...are these two darn cute kids (and Jeff of course!)

2008 Advent

If you didn't get invited this year, we'll try and fit you in 2009.

1850's Delphi Christmas

A gentleman walking the grounds, in fashion.

This is a "Hair wreath" when people passed away they would collect locks of hair from the deceased and make these to remember the individual. At first it sounds gross, but remember they didn't have photos at that time to remember someone by.

Snack time with "old fashioned treats"

This grandpa was making wooden ornaments for all the kids.
The kids thought that it would be fun to dress up, it was!

Ehre making a clay pot!

Stain Glass Kaleidoscope

This was a really cute activity, and only 20 minutes away. The kids loved dressing up and playing on the canal boat.