Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Ehre and Ben and Mom!

It was much cuter in the book!

Is it bad if I just post pictures?

Ben and Jer playing "Pretty, Pretty Princess" with Ehre.... so cute!

It was so much fun to have my family celebrate Christmas 2x and give them all their gifts, it was almost as good as spending Christmas in UT. But we sure did miss all the other familiy members that couldn't make it!

Ben seeing all that Santa (and grandparents) left!

Ehre's earrings from daddy!

........ Ehre did Santa come last night?

.,....Ben no peeking yet.....
By far the cutest magnetic nativity set....THANK YOU MICHELE!!!!

Advent with everyone!

My mother, the human jungle-gym!

This whole batch of pictures are from when my parents came to visit us (with my brothers) at Christams (Yes, 3+ months I said its been REALLY busy)

Jer sleeping again! Storing up his energy for his mission to Equador!

Sorry its a really busy week and I haven't touched the blog for a while, you all will just have to be satisfied with a whole lot of pictures. Enjoy!