Friday, February 20, 2009

Time FLY's

I know that I've neglected the blog, and for those of you that follow it, I'm sorry! I will try and post some new pictures this weekend.

School has been going well for our family, and has kept us quite busy! Sometimes we wonder if we've gone insane, it feels like all we do is run around in circles. I can only hope and pray that our children love us when this is all over and they understand the value of an education, and following spiritual promptings.

Ehre and Ben are doing really well, we see the effects of the "lack of family time" on them but they are such wonderful helpers. Yesterday Jeff went out with the Missionaries and Ehre was so cute. I told her that Jeff would give her a kiss when she got home, and she ran to him and said "I'm going to give him one right now!". She is so attentive of our needs.

Benjamin has been our consistent alarm clock now for the past few months. Every morning around 6- 6:30 he is at the side of our bed asking to climb in. Sometimes he falls asleep for a half hour but most often he snuggles in, steals my pillow, cuddles close and just as you think that you're falling asleep says, "MILK!" :)

We hope that everyone is doing well, if you don't have a blog and you follow ours start one! This is the easiest way for us to check up on everyone!

Lots of Love
The Maas Family

Pay It Forward

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