Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blessing Jacket

I've never really tried making clothing other than hats, so I figured since I didn't know if this baby was a boy or girl I'd make a jacket. If it ended up a girl I could add a crochet lacy border, if it was a boy I'd add a simple border. Well...followed the pattern but in the end to me it still looked girly. So this is Version 1.0, if its a girl I will make a long white satin dress to go under it. I'll work on making a boy's  jacket (Version 2.0) in the next few weeks. Then all I'll need to add is a white onesie and white pants. I also have the beautiful white blanket from Kim and some booties that I am making to go with in the end one way or another we'll have a blessing outfit. :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adorible Ties

Aren't these ties cute, if only I knew how to make them! Hopefully I'll win one, but if not maybe you will!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Blanket

I finally finished this blanket last night, it has a cool pillow look on one side but the wrong side is flat. It was supposed to have a greet boarder, but I couldn't find a green that matched well enough. :( But thats ok, this turned out fine!

One blanket down, a few more to go.

Normal Pregnancy?

Good Morning (7 am here!)  I am putting out a blogging question. Whats normal, I'd ask my mom, but honestly as sweet as she is she's not normal when pregnant,  I'd call a sister in Bangkok but can't afford to, and its 5 am in UT  :) 
So, here is my question : Braxton Hicks, are theses painful? In my past pregnancies, I don't feel contractions till they are causing a problem, or in Ben's case I never really felt them, and when I did I had what the doctor termed "back labor". Last night I woke up 3 different times with a painful contraction....not normal for me. Talked to a nurse this morning, I'm sure she's  a nice lady and a good nurse, but she didn't help much saying call us back when they are 3-5 minutes apart for over an hour and drink lots of water.  So I'm putting my question out to my blogging this normal for others? Can you leave me a comment or email me about whats normal?
Other than that I feel great, swim lessons are today and both kids are really excited. We had another round of severe weather last night, making it like the 3rd or 4th severe weather night in the past week. When we lived in UT everyone prayed for rain, out here I think that they pray for the lack of rain. The thunder and lightning (known as Funder and Exciting at our house) was amazing, and we even had some hail around 2 am. Hopefully all these storms will pass and we can have a sunny week.
That's it, hope you all have a great day!