Friday, April 17, 2009

One Sick..two sick...three sick...four...and they are still cute!

We cuddle and watch movies when we are sick. Though this episode was weird, sick for 1 hour then good for a while then sick for another and on...really it was crazy! I took Ehre with me to a class and workout, and she was excellent. My teacher commented on her beyond average maturity and ability to quietly sit in class! I stayed home with Ben the next day and he was a lot of fun. (minus a fever) I had to take him to the same professors office hours to finish preparing for an exam and Ben just sat playing with cars and books on the floor, he also got excellent comments as well, on his behavior and manner! Kids you both get an "A" even if you were sick!

Benjamin loves to do somersaults around the living room!

Happy Easter!

These were from Sunday when the kids were finally feeling better, unfortunitly Jeff wasn't feeling too great, thats why he is taking the pics for us!

This "German" easter grass really isn't good at all but we had to try it!

Hey handsome!

Easter baskets are alwasy a hit!

Yeah that 4" of rain came in less than a day, we're deffinitly not in UT anymore!

More rain water!

Walmart's Easter bunny with the kids!

Annual Easter Egg hunt, so much fun till Ehre threw up...then we left!

Lots of food!

Sleeping in Mom and dads bed Easter Morning...its more often than we like but hey its not that bad!

I love my Family!

What can I say?!

Dr. Chappels Spring Party

This was a lot of fun! The Henries drove down with us and Ehre and Ben loved playing with Gracie and Ashbey!
Please don't laugh too hard over Ehre's pants, we have tried lots of things, she hates belts, pants with the adjustable elastic are expensive so we get them when we find them which isn't often, which leaves us the common problem of seeing her cute bum occasionally when she's kneeling or bending down. Gosh she's going to be like me when I was little, and its going to be tough to find long enough shirts and pants that stay up!