Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Family Pictures

This trip was so much fun, and we even were able to get our family pictures taken!
Ehre is growing up soooo quickly! (Notice we were able to still get her hair to curl even without IN's humidity!) The official Roster of Robinson Grand kids,
Ehre, Hyrum, Benjamin and Mary.
(+ 1 more on the way)

Benjamin was totally cute for this picture, he's no longer my baby, he is a total toddler!

Jeff has been asking me for a new photo to put in his wallet, and I've never found one that I liked until this here you go love!

Funny note:Benjamin had acquired a cold the night before pictures, so I didn't get much sleep. Jeff let me sleep in since pictures were at 9. I lasted till 6:50 (not long) and realized it wasn't working and headed upstairs. Lo and behold, everyone was dressed and ready for pictures EXCEPT for my family! Pictures apparently had been moved up to 7 am, and we hadn't been told! So yes, our family was ready for pictures in a matter of 15 minutes, pretty impressive huh?!

Our Trip To Utah!

So what happened?
(6) Wednesday- We arrived and the flights went well, our kids slept a lot and enjoyed meeting the pilots of their flight!!!

(7) Thursday- Success with the first official Robinson Family Reunion, we dug a bunch of holes for grandpas new fence, too bad we weren't in IN, this would have gone faster....but we were in UT, which means that we ran into a LOT of rocks...a slow but rewarding effort was made!

(8) Friday- The boys went to Ding & Dang canyon, but a storm earlier in the week, washed out the road, so instead they went to Goblin Valley and played. Amy Stevenson's reception was gorgeous and it was fun to see so many old friends.

(9) Saturday-9 am Family Pictures were taken successfully ! Grandma Dawn came down to visit and it was nice to see her again. The girls headed to Catherin's baby shower, and oohed and ahhed over the upcoming arrival of her twins! Tasha and Ann were able to hang out, and all the friends met at Fudruckers for a fabulous hamburger dinner!

(10) Sunday-Church with Maas Family and had a fabulous Dinner. Ben was still sick so we camped out at the house after sacrament meeting.

(11) Monday-Jeff and I were able to do a temple session, and enjoy breakfast at Gondolffo's...yummy! Jeff met with Dr. Hawkins and then we went to the VF factory and Hale Center Theater with Jeff's parents.

(12) Tuesday-We were going to hike Timp but then I was too tired from Ben being sick at night so instead we ran errands, Jeff worked on the BYU film and became a star and then we had dinner with all of his siblings. I was able to hand out with Tasha again and see all the work she's done with her mom's house. Then we packed up so that we could leave the house at 3 am the next morning.

(13) Wednesday- We made our 5:50 flight, and enjoyed somewhat our Long (4 hours) layover in MI, we were happy to finally arrive in INDY at 4 pm and made it back to our house by 6. Jeff was wonderful, he helped me clean up and soon there was no sign that we had just returned from vacation!

Now we are finalizing things so that we can start school next week. Since my online classes are starting Monday we'll have one week to get into the full schedule before my 7:30 am class starts on the 25th! Wish us luck this is going to be crazy and wonderfull all rolled up together!