Friday, May 4, 2012

J. Beck Maas Baby Blessing

It seems like this blog has turned into my supplemental journal. I found the paper today that Christy used to write down notes from Beck's baby blessing. With the move and everything I don't want to loose it, so just in case a copy is going to be stored here. :)

-There are so many blessings we wish to give this little boy.
-Bright and happy future, by righteousness and choices in life
-Choose and accept path your parents et before you with all your heart
-Enlightened ind to see through spiritual eyes
-Strength ot endure trials, to endure ridicule he may receive.
-Run fast and stand tall for beliefs
-Missionary, dedicated to thy service
-Thank you for the opportunity to have this young man in our lives. We will do our part ot raise him.
-In the future find marvelous woman who will help him become everything he can be.
-Will love the church as his mother does
-Blessed with discipline and righteous choices