Friday, March 16, 2012

Eire's funny quote:

"I can play movies in my head to make me fall asleep, there are alot to choose from."

Peaceful Angel....

... hard to be upset at the little guy for not sleeping well when he's so cute! .... thank goodness for Ehre.and spring break she has been such a huge help in the mornings!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scriptures outside....

Were also a big hit....only 7 verses in tonights chapter. Tomorrow we will enjoy 33 verses hopefully outside again.

A beautiful day deserves...

A yummy treat enjoyed everyone had a good attitude while we were packing tonight. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

We may have a problem...

...Elise doesn't like change.

Today Elise

1. Wouldn't eat anything but breakfast or 1 fruit snack.

2. She wouldn't eat dinner and it was noodles and chicken a favorite... but she did have a piece of bread.

3. She was tired but still screamed at bedtime.

4. We finally got her up and gave her a sippy of milk..she refused to drink it till I handed off Beck and fed her myself on my lap.

5. Jeff and I are thinking she is jealous of Beck....this is going g to be an interesting ride.

6. As you can see she is now cuddled up in our bed next to me as I nurse Beck, happy as can be.

Where did our good eater and fabulous sleeper go? How long till we get her back?

Last 24 hours

Sunday 2:00-4:30 pm Family naps
2:00 nurse Beck
4:00 nurse Beck
5:15 dinner provided by a good friend
5:30 nurse Beck
6:45 scriptures and prayers
7:00 bedtime
- nurse Beck
7:45 Elise still crying, which h is very unusual, she typically goes to bed really well.
- she comes and snuggles with me
- we can hear siblings also awake but staying in their beds
8:30 Kids placed back in bed
- nurse Beck
9:00 I'm so tired Beck is awake.
9:30 pump milk feed Beck some formula we are trying bottled breastmilk tonight to see if he will go a little longer than 2 hrs between feedings
10:30 everyone is in bed
11:00 pump and feed Beck 2.5 oz
12:30 pump and feed again, change diaper
1:30 repeat
3:45 repeat
5:45 repeat this time I pump and Jeff feeds Beck
- I go back to sleep
8:10 Jeff has fed the kids and kisses me as he goes to work...I still sleep. Ehre is on spring break and being a perfect helper
8:45 I get up and send Ben to preschool
9:00 Beck is still sleeping?!!
10:00 Beck nurses
12:30 nursing again then sleeps, the kids and I set a 2' resting timer.
2:00 nursing..... and the day continues on.
2:30 Beck sleeps and the kids are building a fort...happily!

I forgot, babies are alot of work but worth it.

I should add, anytime Beck is within eyesight Elise is trying to pat him, rub his head and give him kisses ( atleast 5 at a time!) The other kids adore him but are great at letting him rest.

... I can't believe that I have 4 angels in my house!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Get me to the church on time..."

We made it! Even with an extra feeding and daylight savings!

Here is Beck in the outfit I made him, its a little big, but that's the case with all his clothing.