Monday, March 12, 2012

Last 24 hours

Sunday 2:00-4:30 pm Family naps
2:00 nurse Beck
4:00 nurse Beck
5:15 dinner provided by a good friend
5:30 nurse Beck
6:45 scriptures and prayers
7:00 bedtime
- nurse Beck
7:45 Elise still crying, which h is very unusual, she typically goes to bed really well.
- she comes and snuggles with me
- we can hear siblings also awake but staying in their beds
8:30 Kids placed back in bed
- nurse Beck
9:00 I'm so tired Beck is awake.
9:30 pump milk feed Beck some formula we are trying bottled breastmilk tonight to see if he will go a little longer than 2 hrs between feedings
10:30 everyone is in bed
11:00 pump and feed Beck 2.5 oz
12:30 pump and feed again, change diaper
1:30 repeat
3:45 repeat
5:45 repeat this time I pump and Jeff feeds Beck
- I go back to sleep
8:10 Jeff has fed the kids and kisses me as he goes to work...I still sleep. Ehre is on spring break and being a perfect helper
8:45 I get up and send Ben to preschool
9:00 Beck is still sleeping?!!
10:00 Beck nurses
12:30 nursing again then sleeps, the kids and I set a 2' resting timer.
2:00 nursing..... and the day continues on.
2:30 Beck sleeps and the kids are building a fort...happily!

I forgot, babies are alot of work but worth it.

I should add, anytime Beck is within eyesight Elise is trying to pat him, rub his head and give him kisses ( atleast 5 at a time!) The other kids adore him but are great at letting him rest.

... I can't believe that I have 4 angels in my house!

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Julia and Aaron said...

Ann, sounds exhausting, but like you said worth it! It will pass!