Saturday, October 22, 2011

She didn't last long.

It was a great birthday....

....and in the end she loved sitting in her new carseat watching a movie as we drove home.

Elise's Birthday Cake!

7am one birthday present...

Its 7 am I need to write a paper today and so does Jeff. Kids have their primary program practice and then Ehre is attending a friends birthday the end we will have a big party for Elise tonight but until then we let her open a gift to play with during the day. Happy Birthday Elise!

GNO: Jessica's last bureau before the baby comes!

We suprises Jessica tonight and kidnapped her to Bruno's Pizza. Hopefully she will have her baby soon!

Happy 1st Birthday Elise!!!

We can't believe that you are 1!!! We love having you in our family!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One for Books

This year our students as part of the Book Fair, participated in the One For Books program. For every dollar raised, Scholastic donates a $5 book to Toys for Tots. We had alot of change donated...and I was pretty excited. When I went to the bank this morning I thought for sure we had raised $400, that's quite a bit of change. I weighted my box 90 heavy. After waiting  1 1/2 hours for the bank to use a change counter and count all the change (I had to know which class collected the most change.) he came back to tell me that we had raised not $400 but $1411!!! 

I am so impressed with the generosity of all the families at our school. One family donated $63 in change, it came tightly stored in a canning jar. We had 7 classes raise $60-90 each, and many in the $50 range.

Must be getting close to the holidays, I'm feeling the spirit!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Amazing Cards

My friend Carrie, just sent me the cutest Halloween card! Cute enough that I am willing to spread news about her personal business. Check out her work, I'm sure you  can imagine a friend or loved one receiving one of these cards from you, they'd love it.  Check her out!