Thursday, October 20, 2011

One for Books

This year our students as part of the Book Fair, participated in the One For Books program. For every dollar raised, Scholastic donates a $5 book to Toys for Tots. We had alot of change donated...and I was pretty excited. When I went to the bank this morning I thought for sure we had raised $400, that's quite a bit of change. I weighted my box 90 heavy. After waiting  1 1/2 hours for the bank to use a change counter and count all the change (I had to know which class collected the most change.) he came back to tell me that we had raised not $400 but $1411!!! 

I am so impressed with the generosity of all the families at our school. One family donated $63 in change, it came tightly stored in a canning jar. We had 7 classes raise $60-90 each, and many in the $50 range.

Must be getting close to the holidays, I'm feeling the spirit!

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