Saturday, June 25, 2011

Growing up.... fast.

Ann Maas (via cell phone)

Friday, June 24, 2011

I knew she was tired....

...she had been up several times last night, then she woke up again at 5:30 and would not go back to I got her dressed and let her play.5 minutes later I found her like this :)

Ann Maas (via cell phone)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Check out the tee...

...Elise finally has one solid tooth...ani think.she is.working on the second bottom one now. But this is just based on her crankiness and tendency to wake up three times a night.lately.  :)

Ann Maas (via cell phone)

Much needed activity....

All week I have been desperatly looking forward to ourp wards RS activity. It was on floral design basics... and while I just taught this class to the YW in our Lafayette ward I was really excited to need the Bloomington ladies...not to mention leave the kids and the one bedroom apartment and relax. I will be the first to admit I am social. For some reason me not visiting with friends...or even having friends here has been almost physically painful. To go and do.anything requires a 20-25 minute drive each way...that means I typically have to pack a picnic lunch..diaperbag and work around Elise's naps....its a lot of work to do anything.. even the pool can be crazy when its just me and 3-9 feet of water.  BTW I really am not trying to complain here.just explaining how things are. It is beautiful and we luuuve the.lake.and pool. ( please ignore all extra "."'s )

Since my dad left on day 3 of our internship I really hvent had many people to interact with I did meet a mom with kids my age at a park but they literally are from the.other side of town. There is an older family here as well and I like them allot. Their.youngest daunted.(12) is here for thy are.quite.busy too.

Ok.back to I really have been looking forward to.tonights.activity. I got dinner done and on myself dressed...and started my evening out. It took me.20. Min and the.lot was.empty. I waited for a while wondering if I had the.wrong tim. Then I called around to the few ladies. Who had their numbers in the ward bullitin but no one was home. Finally I found a husband who that the activity had been I drove home. This would be the first time I have ever feared up over a activity...I so needed the night.out.

Jeff was super when I got home. We did scriptures and prayers and then he let me pretend I was the only one home. I have been wanting to make Elise one ummer bonnets and now they are done.

For those that read this...esp those in Lafayette know that I mid you. I miss volleyball(and I am working as often as I can to get my arm back!)... I miss tuesday sewing...and friday playdates...I miss girls dinner..and bookgroup...and random girls nights at my house.

I know the Lord made me a social person for a reason....I really love people and I really love my family but so far this internship move has been way harder than any other big.move we have ever done.

Last apology this is all conning via my cell phone...and so there are spelling errors and typos but I am too tired now to go back and fix all of them.  :)  goodnight.

Ann Maas (via cell phone)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer school time. to this time each day. I don't.mind it either....but I often wonder how teachers do this with ten times as many kids!

Ann Maas (via cell phone)