Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday Cartoons

My kids, are just like I was when I was little, they LOVE Saturday cartoons. Its a favorite for them and they look forward to it all week!

Recent Cakes

This is the chocolate cake that I made for class this week. I have a friend who's birthday is the day before Valentines Day so it was fitting that it should be given to her as her birthday cake! It was fun to surprise her, and yes giving her the cake was a way of reminding her that she still has to come workout with me everyday this week at 6:30 am!

This second white cake is the one that I made for my family for Valentines Day. The technique is really simple, I know. I hope to be able to advance to more detailed cakes...without my kids putting their fingers in them!

1. The white cake's frosting had a hard time sticking to the cake why? How do I do a crumb layer when this is the problem? Does this mean my frosting is too thick? I made it a med consistency.... I guess these questions will be addressed in class this week.
2. I need to have more pie filling, I ran out ( I was using left overs) and so then I added the white in the center, I don't like it but once its on, I didn't want to go through the hassle of taking it off and having to fix it. Lazy me.