Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another ER Visit

Its been a year now, so of course we had to go in for Ben's annual ER Visit..... this one like all those in the past wasn't any fun.... go figure. (Recap: 1 week after he was born, 1 year later when we were in UT, and now another IN visit)

This morning was like all the other mornings, I get up and get ready for school, and then I am supposed to wake up the kids. Benjamin messed things up, he woke up BEFORE I was even 1/2 way ready ! So he came in and sat on the toilet while I fixed my hair. The next thing I knew, he was reaching for the brush and fell on my curling iron. I felt horrible, I rushed him downstairs yelling for Jeff to get ice, and put his arm under cold water. Benjamin was screaming, I'm sure it was hurting really bad. The burn was about 1 inch from his wrist, and a 2nd degree so we decided to have a Dr. look at it. (Ben was still screaming and holding on to the brush... like it was his safety line.) Jeff woke up Ehre and put her in the car, and just before we left I thought to put Burn Free on Ben's arm. Instantly he stoped screaming and let me put the ice on his arm, it was like a mini-miracle. (Burn Free is best when stored in the fridge, then its cold when ready to apply. http://www.burnfree.com/p_home.asp )

We drove to the ER, and the Dr had a look, its a bad burn, and will hurt allot over the next few days but should heal fine. A good dressing and some Motrin and we were sent home. I am so glad that he didn't burn his wrist, burns on the joints can cause a lot of problems. Jeff and Ehre immediately headed out to school, and I stayed home with Ben. Ben fell asleep and slept for a while giving me some homework time. Thank goodness my teachers were understanding, and sent me my new homework assignments. Jeff watched Ben this afternoon so I could attend a discussion group, and then we came back home.

I still feel bad that I had my iron where Ben could reach it, but it seems like Ben has forgiven me or forgotten, since he spent 75% of the day cuddling with me. I learned a lesson, and like usual the hard way. So, let this be a reminder to all of you, keep you irons out of "falls" way. :(

Other than that well we had a great Labor Day weekend, Jason and his family came to visit. We found a fun new place, Indiana Beach (30 minutes away) Ehre and Sofia loved it!

Thats about it...anyone else have a good weekend or an ER visit to tell about? (hopefully not an ER visit!)