Friday, November 7, 2008

SPAN Celebration

I've been able to be a part of a unique organization here at Purdue. It is one of a kind. The SPAN Plan Program was developed by Helen Schlemen who realized the need for assisting nontraditional students (at the time specifically women) in finishing a college degree. I've used some of their services and I am in the process of applying for their scholarships, but in the mean time I've been helping out with their 40th Anniversary Celebration.

The celebration was held last night, since Ben was with me he helped "set up" the balloons...he had a lot of fun playing with them!

These are the only two pictures I have, but hopefully later I will be able to include the newspaper clipping and some more pictures.
Sorry Ben isn't smiling in this one.... instead he is holding onto his pants trying to hold still for the picture... :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sorry, Invitation Only!

I've decided that I am going to make my blog private...sorry. BUT I am willing to add almost anyone so if you try logging in next week and it won't let you please send me your email address and I'll add you..... :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween E- Card

Ward Trunk or Treat

Our Beautiful Butterfly Ehre !
Our Romanian Friends....yes they have a bunny for a child.

The bunch!

Mom and Ben!

The royal A family!

...too tired what a long day!

Posing in front of our "spooky" trunk.

Cheerleader for the "Fall" Party at School.

The anual trunk or treat was a lot of fun for the kids. Halloween costumes are as follows:

Jeff: "Spider Man" in our Spider Web "trunk"
Ann: Gypsie
Ehre: Cheerleader for 1 day, Butterfly for the next
Benjamin: Duck


I love the fall and its almost gone! Its been fun having the fall colors incorporated into our living room. I can't wait to decorate for Christmas...only 21 more days! Hey who's counting!


I made these for the ladies we VT and
they turned out soo cute! Easy to make too!
...... this is the craft that Jeff found ...
This is how Ben turned into Jeff's craft project. :)


I made these for the ladies we VT and they turned out soo cute! Easy to make too!

M's Amazing Halloween Party

Me and Ben, after eating our fill of treats!

Special Guest "Super Man"

The "Social Dads" haning out with the kids.

Fill your own doughnuts.... sooo yummy, too bad its a secret family recipie!

LOTS of friends attended, M needs a bigger house, or less friends.

...a few friends...

Such Cute Decorations!

Lady M, she is an amazing cook!

Crafty "Family"

The consequence of Jeff's "stunt" is that he now has to help make the family christmas cards!!!