Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Update

Ok, I switched Dr's long story but in the end I LUUUUUVE my new Dr. Eid. She is from Lebanon (the country not city) and is super sweet. I had some concerns and she addressed each and every one.
1 Q: PPD with Ehre, can I have Zoloft again like I did with Ben?
1A: Absolutely, moms should get the help they need before hitting rock bottom.
       - So I'll start that in 2 weeks. :)
2Q: Is it ok if I try and go without an epidural?
2A: Yes, what a cool experience.
3Q: VBAC any issues with this?
3A: No, but if the baby shows any signs of distress I am going to insist on another c-section. And I don't want  you to go full term, so if you've not had this baby by 38 weeks I am going to strip your membranes and then help stretch the cervix out to get you some good progressive contractions. By the way, its not comfortable but it will make your VBAC much safer.
My response: Fabulous, the sooner the better.
4Q: So where am I now?
5A: Lets check, 1 cm and 40%, good starting point. Lets see you again next week and see if there are any improvements.
Did I mention that my Dr is also pregnant, at 28 weeks. She's super excited about babies and pregnancies and is very attentive. This is just what I need right now. She sympathises over my extremely swollen feet and legs but reassures me that it will go away soon. She notices when my blood pressure is up a little, and reassures me some more.
So that's the update. I guess the best news is hopefully we can have this baby 2 weeks early!
Till next week!