Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Holiday Plans

We've started making our holiday plans (yes a little bit early, I know). But we have only got 25 more weeks and then we're going to be way too busy. So if you want to Halloween, Thanksgiving or even Christmas this year with us, please let us know. We are planning on having a special blessing around Christmas Break for the newest member, and would love anyone who would like to be there to join us for it!

Are you confused yet?
Due Date: Nov 4
Gender to be determined in June.
Current Status: 15 weeks and counting!

PS. We have a new blog that we created for our kids. We've been going through the different weeks, you are welcome to follow it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Birthday and Farwell.

Last night we hoasted a farwell and birthday part for the Isaacsons. I made the cake (yes its lopsided, should have let it cooled all the way!) and ricecrispie treats and then we had a pot luck dinner outside on the lawn. We had a really good turnout of friends to send them off. I didn't get pics of the dinner but here is the dessert. :) We'll miss you!

Jeff's LAST day of school.

I don't know if Jeff has a photo of his first day of school, but we did get a picture of his LAST!! Congrats on all the hard work. All course work for his PhD is now complete, all he needs to do now is complete his research (1 1/2 years) and defend!
We love you Jeff!

Mother's Day

Its 6:30 am Tuesday morning, and I am finally getting a chance to blog about my wonderful Sunday. I woke up at 6 am, couldn't fall back to sleep (or so I thought) I nuzzled up to Jeff said good morning, and he greeted me with a "Happy Mothers Day. Why are you awake?.....Well we still get to make you breakfast."  :) Ok that's fine with me. I stayed in bed and watched part of "How to still a Million" with Audrey Hepburn... didn't last long, I fell back to sleep. :)

I woke up and the house smelled wonderful. So I got up and got dressed I was almost dressed when I was called to go check out a cut on a friend. But when I got back (little girls ok) Jeff had hot cornbread muffins on the table with OJ. Yummy! Jeff bought me a new book, that I can't wait to start on the plane tomorrow, and some almond chocolate, which is also reserved for the flight too.

I surprised Jeff by letting him know that for Mothers Day I was going to skip choir and enjoy the extra hour before church with the family, instead of rushing out the door. That didn't work, Jeff volunteered to give a neighbor a ride to choir with us, so we went. (Which was a good thing)

Church was beautiful, the kids sang two songs and the YM gave us chocolate. In Primary I taught a lesson on Repentance and then we made Mothers Day cards.

After church the kids were in desperate need for a rest so we all snuggled up on the floor and watched "The Secret Garden" (This is now one of Ehre's favorite movies). Jeff made me Cheese Ravioli and Spaghetti sauce with baguettes for dinner (super yummy) and even better he made me "My cake is better than your cake" for dinner, with a slight modification, he used brownies instead of chocolate cake.

So that was my mothers day, but even if you took out all the wonderful acts of service performed by my family, the most important part was that they were my family. I never appreciated mothers more until I had children of my own. In the past few weeks often I have said to myself " I feel like my mom", I've noticed more physical traits that we share even if they are subtle and more "motherly" things that I do, that I picked up from my mom and dad.  There is a constant voice in my head that goes off often saying "That's what your mom said growing up, or that's what your dad said." at first I was shocked that I used the same phrases, but then I realized they were the best ones for the situation.

I've been blessed with the opportunity to have a wonderful mother, grandmothers and even great grandmothers to shape my life with their examples and instruction. These mothers have served as great mentors, and will continue to as long as they are here with us.

I love being a mom, I love it when Ehre comes with a scrape and asks for some extra TLC, or when Ben (my snuggler) crawls into bed in the morning and says " I just wanted mommy". Or when Ehre volunteers to vacuum or dishes because she thinks that I do them to often. I love it when Jeff comes home with a smile anxious to see his family, or when he sends me a text message.

I have a wonderful life, I am so richly blessed.
Happy Mothers Day!