Saturday, July 9, 2011

Not quite baby proof yet......

...we thought with the gate over the stairs and the hitch so close she wouldn't notice the small hole. But she did and wasn't to happy when I had her scoot out. :)

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New email address is our new email. I just get too much junk at our address. Please update our contact info.


Ann Maas (via cell phone)

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4

A story about my great grandmother....

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May I share an true experience that a few of you may remember.  For the rest - it shows the power of music, and how our past influences the present.

Grandma Marva had been in the hospital for some time, then was released to come home for the remainder of her life.  She had not spoken for a couple of weeks. It was my turn to be  with her.  Tommie Sue would be down in 9 days for her turn.  I think Marilyn had just finished her turn.    Because she was bedridden, we decided to celebrate the 4th there at the farm.  Everyone in the valley who could make it came out and we had dinner by Grandma Marva's trailer outside, raised the flag outside and did some patriotic things.   We decided to  close with singing around Grandma Marva's bed with the children and all.

 When we started to sing "My Country Tis of Thee"  she started also.  We finished the 1st verse and might have stopped, but she went on to the 2nd verse.  Then the third verse and the 4th verse, saying every word.   The rest of us were struggling with words and could hardly sing for the tears.  Pretty amazing!!

Remember She had taught school for 9 years before she got married, but it is still very amazing.  I had difficulties singing today just thinking about her and July 4th, 1979.  She died on July 17, 1979.  As far as I know, she never spoke again.

Thanks for letting me share with you.
Love, VAS