Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Incentive to work out.....

I recieved permission to start working out after my surgery on July 10. Up until then I was walking around the golf course when ever the kids would go with me. So once I got my clearance I started working out at the small workout room here. I am only able to do the elliptical and bike right now but its a good start. I am trying to workout 5x a week for atleast 40 minutes. Since the beginning of july I have dropped 5 lbs, burned 4835 calories and covered 45 miles....and my incentive.......

...well this is the only time during the day I get to leave the kids and be by myself. But, even better Jeff said that when ever I worked out he would give me a footrub when I came home...with lotion and sometimes a foot soak too! This is amazing....oh he is such a great guy...even if he is loosing weight faster than me right now. :)

So now I found another motivator for working should try this out with your own spouse!

Nearpod's awesome teacher!

Check this video out. My mom is the most tech savvy teacher I know. Her school in my opinion doesn't give her enough credit or recognition for her efforts in making her classroom savy, uptodate and modern for todays techy students.

So yes this my blog and I get to share this video and brag not only about this cool product but an amazing teacher but even better my awesome mom! 

Sneak Peak...

My little sister is expecting her 3rd in Nov. My twin is expecting her 3rd in Feb. So I'm working on some baby blankets for them ....  I can't believe our family is getting so big!

After February we will have 9 grandkids! And my two brothers haven't added their share yet either (They aren't married yet!).  :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to school....again

I am hitting the books. I am taking two classes this fall that will go towards my nursing pre req's. I need a total of 10 classes and had 5 transfered over. Only 4-5 of these are considered when I apply. I also have to take the TEAS V exam so I have some studying to do. Hopefully over the next two years I will complete all the pre req'd and apply.  :)  Wish me luck!

Ann Maas (via cell phone)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

All tuckered out...

Thank you for the dresses

My mom gave us some cute dresses from Thailand here is Ehre in hers I wasn't able to get Elise to hold still for a photo. Thank you they are cute!

46 braids

Ehre read a book about a little african girl having her hair we tried it too. Its cute....but not to be repeated often

Ann Maas (via cell phone)