Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Princess/Prince Day at School

They make it soo much fun, it was actually "Costume" Day for the letter "C" but try telling Ehre that!

Many Hands Make Light Work....

It is sooo true. I love how much Ehre helps out with the chores. Ben is learning to help out too, and I'd never make it without my amazing husband who does all the dishes (sorry girls you'll just have to be jealous, he's amazing and all mine!)


We had a great time with Jason and his family on Thanksgiving Day. We had "dinner" with friends and it was a fun day!


Have you ever seen the film? Well this must have been all the birds from the film. They were everywhere it was seriously like a huge black cloud. Crazy but the kids thought that they were great! It looks like they are leaves on the tree but they are not!