Wednesday, June 18, 2008


5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1. Drivers Ed..... oooh I'm still young! :)
2. Mentally preparing myself for my first date in a year
3. Playing Volleyball
4. Traveling to DisneyWorld to Perform in their Christmas Show
5. Working summer setups with Hogi Yogi.

5 things on my to do list:
1. Take a shower...I just finished an 8 mile bike ride
2. Organize office
3. Weed and plant grass in a friends back yard....who is it? Its a surprise!
4. Organize Kitchen
5. Put away Laundry.

5 favorite snacks/food:
1. Rocky Road Ice Cream
2. No Bake Cookies
3. Fresh Baked Bread
4. Red Licorice the real stuff.
5. Pringles

5 things I would do if I was a billionaire:
1. Pay of all student loans
2. Go to Germany for a while with our family
3. Buy a house and pay it off.
4. Set aside money for kids college/weddings (if they're good kids I'll give it to them :)
5. Travel with Jeff and our parents

5 bad habits:
1. Cracking my knuckles
2. Watching CSI type shows/ or ER
3. Junk food esp. when I am trying to loose weight
4. Interrupting in conversations ...sorry!
5. Taking all the hot water, for my own personal shower and leaving only the cold...for everyone else.

5 Places I've lived:
1. Utah (12 different homes)
2. California (2 different homes)
3. Wyoming (2 different homes)
4. Indiana (2 different homes)
5.....well one day I want to live in Germany

5 People I'm Tagging (Yep! You guys gotta do this now)
1. Marren M.
2. Andrea G.
3. Stacie G.
4. Tiffany S.
5. who else checks my blog? I don't know if you're reading this then you've been tagged!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers Day Card/ Fathers Day Cheese Cake

With Jeff spending the weekend in Terre Haute I wanted to make him a special dessert. I found online a recipe for "really good" cheesecake. I made it, and topped it with our fresh strawberry syrup...a few mint leaves and even put it on a cake platter. We sat down to enjoy the dessert and the kids liked it but us "adults" didn't! Bummer....well it looked nice.

We made these cards in primary for all the dads, and then attached a big bag of M&M's....the kids had a great time and they turned out pretty cute!

Fathers Day Pictures

"Ehre give Ben a Hug..."

"Ehre give Ben a kiss..."

"Ben you shouldn't hit Ehre for kissing you!"

Picture Perfect:

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ehre's Swim Lessons

Ehre having a good time with her class:

Ben Wishes that he were in the water!
Ben likes hanging out with mom while Ehre swims!

Strawberry Syrup and Jam

My first experience of canning, WITHOUT my mom! And it went really well!

We picked 20 lbs of strawberries at a local farm, we lucked out this year, we just found out that they will not be reopeningnext spring.

Then I made jam, from 20 lbs I sent 5lbs to a neighbor and 3lbs to a home teacher, and the rest ended up in 24 jars!

We've enjoyed having the fresh jam its SO much better than store bought. We look forward to making peach and blueberry jam later in the summer!

Ehre's new Dress

Grandma and Grandpa Maas picked out this one for her its so cute. She wore it to church two weeks ago and got a lot of compliments on it. Thank You! (PS this picture was taken just after she woke up from her nap...hence the messy hair)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

With a name like Jeff, it has to be good!

Ooooh if there were only a few clones of my Hubie, the world would be a perfect place! No one would be unhappy, everyone would feel loved. Jeff I love you so much, if it were Mothers Day this weekend and you had been asked to go work on flooded homes, I would be moping around. Bummed out that you weren't here by my side, yet its Fathers Day, and you are currently on a 2 hour ride home from 48 hours of long manual labor. You're just wonderful. Here are a few more reasons whey I think your the absolute best:
1. When we had Ehre your first comment was "One down, 11 more to go" with an attitude like that you'll be the world's greatest father! And you are!
2. When something goes wrong your first question is "Honey, what can I do?"
3. When I call you and tell you that we're having a Tornado and you're in Utah, you say " Looks like I'm missing all the fun!" Optimism is just what I need and you give it to me!
4. You make personal phone calls during the day to talk with Ehre, she loves these!
5. You love visiting family with me, when ever I want to go you're willing, even if my frequent urges are not quite what you grew up with! :)
6. You went on the "Grass Diet" just because you know I want to lose weight. You're even willing to change the name to the "Word of Wisdom Diet" now that you've read the book, and you're changing your eating style willingly and happily.
7. When you were called to be in the Sunday School presidency, you didn't think about the time it would require you said "Great, this time I'll have more time to do it right!" (Last ward he was only in the SS for a few months before they gave him a different calling...but not because he was doing a bad job!)
8. You love planning things with me, and always giving us something to look forward to.
9. When I'm bummed about not having something immediately, you look on the bright side and let me know that God is always granting miracles!
10. You smile and kiss me every morning before you leave for school, even if I didn't wake up with you, you never miss a morning!

Jeff I love you and so do your kids! Happy Fathers Day!