Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jeff's officially in writting

A while ago I posted that Jeff's article had been accepted for publication. Well the actual journal arrived this weekend...and Jeff's going to keep it in the protective plastic. :)

Grandpa the Photographer

Isn't he sweet, he is always taking photos for our family and they are all amazing!

Isn't he sweet, he is always taking photos for our family and they are all amazing!
This is the picture he took of my kids! (He even made Ben's stitches disappear!)

First Day of School

Ehre missed the first two days of school because our family treated us to a quick visit to UT (which was absolutely wonderful!) So she started last Thursday. This is a picture of her all ready to go! She was sooo excited....for her the rest of the day was fun, for me on the other hand, I never knew there was so much stress involved with a buss drop off.
At 3:15 I saw a bus go down our street, I ran out side ( a friend was over, and Jeff had the car) and was totally worried that I had missed meeting Ehre at her bus stop...would she remember where to get off? I stole my friends car and drove around looking for the bus, no luck. Then I stopped by a friends house just around the corner, her kids weren't home yet so the bus I saw wasn't the elementary school bus, she commented that the first two days were a little late but that most of the kinks should be worked out by now. So I went back home. I picked up Ben and we went over to Ehre's bus stop, our neighbor let us sit on his large rock in the shade and Ben enjoyed playing "King of the Rock". We had been there about 10 minutes waiting when Ben said he had to go to the bathroom, the bus wasn't here yet so I didn't feel like I could leave since I can't see the bus stop from our house. So we kept on hanging out. At a 1/2 hour I called some friends, no answer, maybe they were waiting for the late bus too....an hour later, ok now I am really worried, where is Ehre?
I called a different friend at the end of the bus route and she said that her kids had been home for a while...now I am really getting worried. Did Ehre miss the bus? Did she get on the wrong bus? I headed for home...how was I going to find her with out a car...and the school office closed?
Thankfully,  my friend who lives around the corner left me a note on my door. Her daughter had told Ehre to get off at their bus stop since the bus didn't go to her stop. They had walked over 3 separate times looking for me, but couldn't see me at the bus stop. So Ehre was playing at their house...what wonderful friends I am so thankful for them.
The next day I told Ehre to get off at their house again, just to make sure she got of in the right spot. Yesterday I went into the office to see where the confusion was, most likely it was me right! Nope, for some reason Ehre wasn't on the bus rout, so the driver (an extremely nice guy) didn't have her stop on his route. The school asked me to meet him at the designated stop for the afternoon drop off and we had a good talk. He apologized for not having her on his list, it really wasn't a big deal. He then volunteered to move the bus stop, Ehre is the only one that gets off there, and since he now will be driving directly pass our house, he is going to just drop her off at our house. :) Next year, he'll pick her up at our mail box. Isn't he nice! Won't this be nice when the baby comes?
Ehre loves her teacher Mrs. Wojtelowitcz (What-a-love-ich) and even mentions the possibility of having a "slipper day" soon. She is super excited to go to the library today and check out a book.  I really think she is going to be one of those kids that just absolutely loves going to school! I am excited to get involved with the PTA, in fact we have our first project this week. :) This new phase in our life is exciting, but really are we old enough to have a kid in school...and as Jeff would say, "Before he's even finished !" ? 
Ben is going to do Joy School, we are in the process of getting that all arranged. In the mean time we enjoy undisturbed rest time after Ehre goes to school and I really am grateful that she is in the afternoon class.
More adventures I'm sure will follow. :)