Friday, August 21, 2009

Paid to go to school....

Well Financial Aid has now put everything together, I am official being paid $2500 to go to school this semester...I guess it will go to pay Jeff's fees :)

We are so grateful for all of our blessings!

Tracy's Wedding Flowers

They turned out really well I was pleased! Maybe one day I'll get paid to put together flowers.

Summer Achievements

Great Job Ehre and Ben!

Silly Kids

Oh, I LOVE my kids! Ben found this piece of string and wound it around his hand....good thing Jeff walked in during bedtime to see it.

Bonus Point to whom ever can tell me what is wrong in the picture with Ehre and her Violin. By the way she did a great job playing "Watermelon, Peanut butter Sandwich, and Mississippi Muddy River" to her class!

Rape Anger & Defence Course

What an awesome course to take! I was able to take it with some wonderful friends that made it even better!

Practicing the Violin

Ehre and Ben love practicing the violin!

Peterson's August Visit

Ok there are a lot of pictures. We loved having the Petersons visit and look forward to when the next batch will be able to come down to spend a few days with us!