Thursday, December 11, 2008


Still no new pics, I brought the camera to school but forgot the cable.

Lucille Maas, Jeff's grandmother, passed away last night. She will be returned to WI to be burried next to her husband next week. We are happy that she has been reunited with husband Eli.

Good by Grandma.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sick Family

This semester has been a tough one, I was sick at the beginning just before school started ( I think it was nerves)...then I got sick 2 weeks later, then the kids, then Jeff and this cycle kept on repeating over and over. Twice I've taken kids to class, we've had 4 sick days where kids couldn't go to daycare, and Friday I went in to take my two finals, and left everyone else home really sick. I think we're all better now (go figure the semester is almost over). So I apologize that the blog has been neglected, but I didn't have many "interesting" pictures... puking is not interesting. SO please bear with us we'll be done with this semester by the end of next week and then we'll get back to blogging.
Thanks for the understanding.