Thursday, July 24, 2008

Text Books and Pioneer Day

.sorry no pics the camera is still missing, and after rearranging the office and our bed room and cleaning the house its still is no where to be found....I may have to settle with this horrible feeling that Benjamin may have accidentally put it in a garbage can!....

Well, I've now been able to acquire 1/2 of my needed textbooks...and I already have 8 !!! Gosh, these professors at Purdue must be nuts. I've ready two of the supplemental books all ready and they were interesting I'll try and tackle another one this can't hurt to have a head start on this "light reading".

Today is Pioneer Day, we will be celebrating it hopefully with a TON of friends. We've sent out an invitation to all in the area, to have a potluck dinner at 5. We'll provide the homemade root beer and ice cream so hopefully that will be a good incentive for people to stop by!

Thinking of Pioneers, Jeff and I recently spent an evening perusing through Grandpa Joe's Life History, what a man! A missionary, father, husband, good friend, frugal, wise, self sufficient, and even a friend of Ronald Regan! I am so thankful for my ancestors who have left me such a wonderful legacy to follow!